Unreasonable, for example, to change the options available to the rest of corporate mandatory attendance popular training rope course and other team building events, where staff allegedly developing interpersonal trust in the best way. Also, failure is the idea of mandatory visits to the swimming pool and gym, or What often guilty particularly zealous leaders surrender offsets for skiing or begu.Slishkom obsessive thoughts corporate injections can force employees to sabotage the team building activities, and competently furnished, by contrast, form a friendly atmosphere and generate udovolstvie.Tak, for example, an attempt to inspire employees mountain hiking or rafting can lead to the fact that weekends and holidays staff will carried out in an exciting journey, not counting this pastime teambuilding. But the team spirit at the same time will develop naturally. Sociologists suggest the following typology of ritual: the calendar, Transition, Crisis, and magic. Calendar, it is logical, linked to specific dates, and not only on national holidays, but also the birthday of the boss, the date of its foundation, its .Perehodnymi issued a change status or condition of the employee, for example, an interview or pass through the magnetic skipping work, removable shoes and morning rituals differ gimny.Magicheskie survival, they capture. For example, sending mail only on Thursdays and call at the office of the head just to the left leg, different informality and even savage, but also accommodated in the hearts of staff confidence in the success of the case. Crisis rituals are nothing more than a possibility of the effective action and resolution of difficult situations.

Please bosses to work on weekends, holidays move, tighten their belts or even voluntarily resign, brainstorming, training staff – all clear examples of current crisis workers ritualov.K teambuilding innovations include a variety of borrowing from foreign colleagues. Corporate trip in the relaxation center may initially seem savage, but After sitting in the Jacuzzi, relax in the massage and beauty treatments, experiencing special moments and get a vivid emotional experiences that differ from traditional team games team building. Are also full of pleasures gurmanisticheskie practice and return to nature: collective flower arrangement and crop production, tracking of reserved places; art collective training. Joint corporate trips for pleasure became a part of marketing trend known as art de vivre – 'the art of living'. The main thing is to aggressively addressed in the new culture of managers do not ruin the meaning of this wonderful idea.

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