The Interior

Figures 1 and 2 in conjunction with a picture of the flame indicates the number of firings. Robert Iger may not feel the same. Also, for exterior tiles suitable labeled aii and bii. However, indicators of water resistance it is somewhat lower. Tiles with the notation of aiii and biii is only suitable for indoor use. Luxurious floor tiles and wall differ indicator durability. Floor tiles marked icon in the form of the foot. The packaging of the tiles having high wear resistance foot in black on a light or shaded background. If the packaging of the product painted hand, the This tile can not be put on the floor, it is intended only for the walls.

International and European standards tiles on wear resistance or, in terms of resistance to abrasion is divided into five groups: PEI-I, PEI-II, PEI-III, PEI-IV, PEI-V. Marking PEI-V indicates the highest degree of resistance to abrasion. In contrast with the tiles PEI-I the lowest wear resistance. For lobbies, hallways and corridors need to tile iv and V classes. For the floor in the kitchen is usually used elite tile Class iii durability and chemical resistance. When choosing floor tiles should be remembered that glazed ceramic tiles slippery, especially wet. On the floor is better to put the tiles with rough surface, glossy tiles used for walls.

Loggia, outdoor stages and platforms designed ribbed tiles with grooves. Manufacturers offer a tile coated with corundum, which looks good on inclined surfaces. In the interior premises experts advise use of mosaic and relief edges.

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