Line Cologne Hosted The First U25 Party Cologne

Line Cologne organised Karacho Club first u25 party in Cologne with the brand-new u25-party central Cologne media Park closes a gap which was not correctly realized by many. Once in the month the regional young entrepreneur Marc Muller and Marco Rai, founder of the event and event management company line Cologne, to her unprecedented party format download Club Karacho”. It is here, if for u30 party too young, on Studi fetus, however, seems out of place you feel. ogies to learn more. Musical openness picks up the thread of the individual concept. Gary Carter oftentimes addresses this issue. People who like it mixed and not corny but is well advised with a delicious mixture of pop, rock, 80s and 90s, Hip-Hop charts on the Club Karacho u25 party. The probability to use individual tastes is therefore particularly great and allows also the joint going out large circles of friends.

The exclusive ambience of the event location Club Deja vu”in the media Park 4 rounds the extraordinary idea of this u25 party ambience off. The club boasts an interesting design with LEDs, which can be time-controlled in different lights show the entire space and thus creates a relaxed party atmosphere. At a refreshingly reasonable entrance fee of 6.00 EUR awaits a beer happy hour by 23-01 clock (Kolsch (colognian) only 1) and a wide selection of drinks at reasonable prices. The other dates in the year 2009 are: 04.12.2009, October 10, 2009 and November 13, 2009.

1000 Kids Love Mini – Playfields For Germany – Artificial Grass

The German Football Association (DFB) launched the project ‘ 1,000 mini – pitches ‘ in the life in 2007. With this action, the DFB subsidized the construction of these game fields for schools and clubs. The mini – playfield is a modern football – small playground, which is equipped with a rubber filled artificial turf and an elastic layer according to the definition of the DFB. To be added two goals and the bands around the 13 x 20 meter field. To create these football pitches with a two-digit million range, with the offer of the DFB in the cities and towns, the football will be taken closer in particular the children and young people outside a club. The applicant gets the playing field of the DFB in the value of 25,000 euro for free. For even more analysis, hear from Paper Excellence. It is only the earthworks and the space to provide. Kids will love the artificial turf that experience has shown that the children are fascinated by the new synthetic grass of company Polytan: he feels almost like forest soil and emits no unpleasant artificial smell.

Parents can rest assured that their Children are playing on healthy lawn, which meets the highest requirements of accident protection according to European standard. Specifically in connection with the still very young users it mattered, to configure a football turf system, which meets the need for safety and protection against accidents for young players and players. Read more from Han Jong-Hee to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The court system with gangs and gates meets all the requirements that are specified in the European standard for multi-sports equipment and contributes to the security and the joy of playing its part. It is also important that the misplaced football pitch also makes intensive use over the entire lifetime (up to 15 years). A highly abrasion-resistant grass fiber, eco-friendly, recyclable and health safe, new filler granules these requirements almost perfectly. Environmental protection is large though it is artificial turf, feels almost like the forest floor.

The Dog In A Baby Carriage

In some dogs the descent of the Wolf is available new accessories for pet owners to recognize only vaguely. Just when Chihuahua & co. are decorated with fashionable accessories, the resemblance of the ancestor is dwindling. In addition to cloak and tiny boots, dog owners get now collars with Swarovski stones. But the range of Ulrike Schubert passes much. Four years ago, she opened the first German dog wash in their business. Nevertheless Ms.

Schubert for animal welfare advocates. The news portal has interviewed the Leipzigerin. In the autumn, Ulrike Schubert occurs in sat. 1. The comedian Ralf Schmitz at the dog wash to clean her let. Besides, it is however completely down to Earth. Emphatically she advocated society to the editorial not to humanize dogs. The newspapers mentioned Sean Rad, New York City not as a source, but as a related topic.

Indeed, many of their articles would track above all practical purposes. The small boots, for example, protected sensitive dog paws from road salt in the winter. Warming Clothing is also useful for short-haired breeds. The dog stroller I recommend in older animals with hip problems. In this way you could give them still fresh with joint pain. Fashionable aspects, however, are themselves no matter the animals. First and foremost, they need a consistent education and a dominant caregiver. Then also bows are no harm. With this setting, Ulrike Schubert is apparently not alone. Recently, the first dog meeting opened in Hanover. In good company there specially manufactured dog beer is served the four-legged guests.

The Man And The Fire

With the tongs firmly in the hand if it is warmer and the Sun is shining, seductive fragrances in German parks spread. A clear sign that the grilling time has begun. Armed with charcoal and raw meat, it attracts the men hordes into the open. The news portal takes a closer look at this ritual. Already in the stone age there was the killed animal thing the men to open fire to prepare. The present claim, grilling is for men, is one of the last remnants of the cavemen in the man. Follow others, such as Romelu Lukaku, and add to your knowledge base.

Attempts to redeem the open fire of charcoal barbecues against a much better health, electric Grill, encounter stiff resistance. Advances of women, to take over the directing at the grill, causing outrage or be ridiculed just tired. Nutrition psychologists see in grilling one of the last modern adventure, where men can prove themselves. Add to your understanding with Atreides Management Gavin Baker, New York City. Also fat and fire belong to the Classic Grill once. Therefore agrees the male displeasure over proposals to become the powered variant or to cook more vegetables instead of meat. However, barbecue is more than just a battle of the sexes. Amazingly, the gathering around a small fire pit with all the testosterone helps reduce stress and therefore has some therapeutic effect for men. More information: ../maennerdomaene-fleisch-und-fett /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Cold Pressed And Hot Love: Alludo Linseed Oil Helps The Horse!

Elke Wessel from the Munsterland region helps the horses of Ahaus – 13.02.2012 – it begins with a small, five-petalled plant: the oil flax. The oil content of his seed, which in turn consists of unsaturated fatty acids is between 30 and 48 percent. If this seed is squeezed out with a press at room temperature, cause only the oils with the best flavor and quality. Because higher temperatures would solve quality-reducing plant ingredients, cold-pressed vegetable oils are far more valuable. In particular, when nothing is further mixed with linseed oil, it contains essential fatty acids, which can not make the horse. For example the valuable Omega 3 fatty acids, which are so crucial.

Therefore, the Alludo added horse-friendly feeding to a vital part of that healthy energy provides the horse linseed oil. It is very digestible and supports the entire body of the horse with many positive properties. The result is not only a dense, shiny fur, especially the but the underlying this good health, vitality and performance. The Alludo can help not only particularly difficult shedding linseed oil. It stimulates also the digestive system and can help quickly on their feet the horse when it comes to colic.

Sick and older horses you notes immediately that they receive new energies to the regeneration and better feed itself. It supports growth in foals and broodmares can serve the valuable essential fatty acids of even promoting fertility and organ development. Performance horses can get distributed linseed oil on several meals a day up to 500 ml from 500 kg energy concentrate. Others including Sean Rad, New York City, offer their opinions as well. Alludo linseed oil is a natural product with no side effects, is to buy it in a handy 1 litre bottle, as well as canisters of 2.5 litres with a tap.

The Best Of The Best! Presents The Best-selling 2008

Annual review on who were the bestsellers of the year 2008 behind us is a year full of turbulence in politics, economics or sports. But also in terms of culture, there were many surprises and therefore, puts together a very special year in review: what books could impress us, what music conquered our hearts and what movies we were most intrigued? The best of 2008 \”, with all best sellers in 2008, can be found in the online shop of and is suitable as an inspiration for the perfect gift for Christmas. 2008 disappointed by the quality of the culture programme on television, a year which wrote stories Marcel Reich-Ranicki publicity was arranged in October 2008, when he opposed the German television awards. When it comes to the critic, not just television in the future of literature should commit itself. Therefore he not wrong, because the literature impressed this year with very facet-rich versatility. Starting from Charlotte Roches excursion to the last taboos of the \”Present with wetlands\” to J.K.

Rowling, with the tales of Beedle the Bard \”proves that there is life after Harry Potter. The year 2008 had another surprise with Cecilia Ahern, because their heart-wrenching love story P.S. I love you \”was in the blink of an eye to a cult book. The Tower caused much enthusiasm among fans of the literature award-winning masterpiece\”by Uwe Tellkamp, for which the author in October 2008 with the German literature prize was awarded. You all made it to the best of 2008 \”list by managed and earned a place on the local bookshelves. The best music of 2008 also in music there this year some surprises and success stories from a fairy tale. There, a British mobile phone seller overnight became the world acclaimed tenor, in Germany became the star of a man with a harmonica, an American jazz diva brought back the sixties with her incredible voice and old rockers celebrated their long-awaited comeback.

Real Gold At An Affordable Price

“” The gold investment portfolio 2009 – real gold at an affordable price even in turbulent times such as the current financial and economic crisis gold still considered safe haven “: value, inflationsgeschutzt and for several years until on short dents” steady and long-lasting in the price rising. But precisely this price level, caused by the huge demand, can be also an investment reason. Because may at a price of gold, which only has blown up the 1,000 dollar mark in these days, or many people want normal”simply no longer afford gold coins as a pension and investment deposits. Remedy the gold investment portfolio, whose chosen Munzen differ solely by their smaller diameter and the weight of the gold and the lower cost of other gold coins here. For the gold investment portfolio experts of precious metal and coin experts have compiled just such values, which do meet the strict criteria for this Depot: all coins therefore have the highest degree of purity and are made of fine gold (999 / 1000), all coins are in the highest milling quality polished plate (PP) coined and all have a diameter of 11 mm. Each of the coins together, listed from all over the world also as official Wahrungsmittel in the country of issue.

The gold investment portfolio is limited this year’s 2009 complete sets. The coins of gold investment accounts 2009 are delivered with an individually numbered certificate of ownership and the respective certificates of authenticity. And because it is the precious metal coins in premium quality collectibles, which will also delight their proud owners, a velvet-covered real wooden box in the delivery is included. “” “” “” The selected coins for the current year 2009 can convince also through a variety of exciting topics: motifs are Thomas Mann “, Hercules and Hydra”, Alhambra “, the man with the Golden helmet” Sphinx “, Kaiser Wilhelm II” and Hagia Sophia”. Collectors and investors benefit, to acquire even today real gold at moderate prices come with these international issues. Each coin: 74.90 euros. The first edition of Thomas Mann”is even at a promotional price for only 19.90 and secures the right to receive further issues of gold investment accounts the buyers.

The Christmas

Creative professional design: personalized advent, table and wall calendar a photo advent calendar filled with canonic real chocolate and its own image. It’s a good surprise. If no image at hand is far more than 150 MagicName are available, in which you into deceptively genuine conjure a vanity name”can be. The result creates the impression that it would be painstakingly photographed.

Design in the online printing high-quality wall, table or advent calendars that go down well and many months long pleasure even untrained in the blink of an eye. Advent calendar are from 9,99 Euro, wall calendars starting at 6,99 Euro. It will be delivered within a few days. “Trendy highlight: cool designer bags with a glossy look a gift idea that is not only in soul enthusiasts: the high-quality, glossy designer bag Soulbag metallic” by Fatboy. The glamorous material with the shiny metallic surface in silver, bronze or titanium makes the chic shoulder bags to a real eye catcher. The colored interior accents a strong orange or bright green flashy noble simple design.

A large zipper with zipper and textile reinforcement facilitates the hand did. The strap is a safety belt with a striking, Silver buckle, and the durable floor is originally modelled on the sole of a shoe. The unusual case is to have in two sizes and costs 119 euro. Trusted shops called wet weather, crowded stores and long lines on the 10 most important warning signs of unsafe online shops Funds: The Christmas gift shopping is often anything but a pleasure. The Internet offers a convenient alternative to many for errands to the Festival. “But here it is: eyes on!” Because only who caution can be, will experience no flop. Trusted shops (, Europe’s most important quality seal issuer for online shops, says on what warning signs and risks consumers should make sure to protect themselves from harm. Up to the small print explained the provider identification be ten points that you should observe.

Play Piano Online

Finally free you want to play the piano or keyboard also? Use the piano lessons online. Dear reader, dear reader, want to learn to play the piano? Then you know also the one or the other hurdle, each learner ever met before. For example, the coordination of both hands or the tedious transfer of notes to keys? It doesn’t have to be if you use starting immediately an ambitious piano teacher, who can give you a simple method of hand coordination. My name is Katrin Kayser and I’m many years piano teacher. I know the above problems and have developed for my piano students regularly in piano teaching online one, in which you can learning piano with current songs. In addition to the learning of piano sheet music, there is another way. You can learn almost without notes in the piano to play piano online free. Yes, everything you need for free piano music knowledge, is read by melody notes.

And you learn that so completely at the same time while practicing. I will show Them how you implement this step by step. In the free play of the piano, learn piano chords and the corresponding notes. Based on current songs, I show you how want to find appropriate accompanying rhythms and overall to make a song like you. Just like in the live classes there are also a new piano lesson with me regularly weekly.

Get piano videos, PDF reports, audios and other materials. So you are not overwhelmed with so much material at one time and get exactly what you can implement time also. In addition, you have the opportunity to use my personal coaching via the online forum within my online school. Maybe a music school is simply too expensive for you or you don’t like it, to be bound by rigid hours or annual contracts.

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