Vulnerabilities On Balconies And Roof Terraces

The problem: High vulnerability of lack of through changing seasons what elsewhere is considered an excuse, right here: In the course of the seasons balconies and roof terraces are exposed and therefore vulnerable to lack of rainfall and temperature permanently. The popular free air oasis on the House must be many structural requirements: statics, sealing, heat and sound insulation must be strictly observed. Planning or execution related vulnerabilities almost inevitably lead to typical defects. Details can be found by clicking Jon Matlack or emailing the administrator. What is it? Whether a balcony or roof terrace construction makes a difference. A balcony is either part of a ceiling that extends beyond the exterior wall, resting on consoles, or will be released before the facade as a self-supporting construction. There is air under it. With a rooftop terrace, however, an unheated or heated room is under the floor construction. This requires a different approach to the thermal insulation.

Since floor slabs under roof terraces mostly are manufactured from reinforced concrete, one is to prevent heat loss additional insulation required. Otherwise the surface temperature of the concrete ceiling would decline into the cold season so far, that it comes to the formation of mould. Thermal insulation in the connection area between the floor and collar plate must be ensured with outstanding balconies. Ceiling and balcony are separated thereby thermally given the current technical state called “ISO dam baskets”. These components made of pressure-resistant insulation and rebar should be assembled before concreting of ceilings. Common errors: thermal insulation, waterproofing or drainage forget often overlooked the thermal separation due to inadequate planning specifications or incorrect work.

Then must the balcony slab be insulated afterwards outside. Although condensation protection is thus to prevent molds, the sheathing with thermal insulation is not intended to reduce the heating energy demand but because the entire balcony acts as a “heat bridge”. Need on the roof terraces and balconies Top a seal flat roof specifications or according to the technical rules for building sealing (DIN 18195). With balconies, a simpler solution is possible according to the technical rules for composite sealing layers. Attention: cement mortar with sealing additives as well as plastic-coated tile mortar for laying tiles or stone tiles make no permanent seal. Water must drain. Precipitation must therefore be redirected via a sufficient gradient by two to three percent to the floor inlets or channels. This gap is made under seal – either through inclination in the ceiling panel, gradient screeds or slope insulation. Drain piping may not freeze in the winter or become clogged by leaves, therefore, 40 or 50 mm diameter tubes is considered too small. The rain drains must be easily accessible for cleaning. You should make sure: flooring and drainage correctly choose builders should know when their creative needs, that is only a few Surface waterproofing are suitable as flooring. Self-supporting stone slabs are desired for example, it is relatively easy aufzustandern this off on the sealing with special rubber plates. Are also natural stone flooring in the gravel bed or wood grating. It is important that between covering and sealing layer the rain water over a drainage layer can flow freely from. Tile a cement screed be required as substrate and layer. While the error is committed frequently, immediately raise the floor without drainage layer on the sealing – moisture – and frost damage are inevitable. Often exist with balconies above all for their repair – no sufficient building height for drainage layers. Then, a surface sealing in conjunction with the ceramic plates can be made.

Aachen Eye Clinic

A monument-protected lens construction of the 19th century. The Aachener eye hospital, also eye hospital in the Rhineland is a 1887 1888 by architect Eduard lens built hospital in Aachen, Stephanstrasse 16 20, today as youth home is used. The historic building is under monument protection. History the foundation stone of the new eye hospital will take place end of April 1887. The Aachen architect Eduard lens created the design and has the overhead of performing. As a construction guide is A.

Henrisch worked. End of October 1888 the eye hospital is inaugurated. Today, the establishment of open door (OT) Carl Sonnenschein, youth centre of the parish of St. James of city of Aachen is housed in this building. The premises be used for celebrations of the Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen, RWTH.

Description the creative idea of the architect is a temple complex as a secular building to showcase of the ophthalmology. The function of the building is on the no longer existing inscription EYE hospital”to read. Lens fits the House of the street line of flight. The building a 900 square meter landscape architecture with garden art in the form of a belongs to green spaces and tree planting tour. In contrast to the rather simple construction design, landscape architecture is picturesquely designed in Rococo-style. Because of the brevity of the land, the ten-meter long front yard is not running. The hospital room lie to the northeast to protect of eye health from extreme sunlight. Before the hospital rooms of the upper floors, benches are placed in the three-metre-wide corridor. The floors of the three-storey building have a height of 4.65 m, the first for male patients and the second floor for female patients on the ground floor, in the clinic and in the field of Economics 4.55 m. The dry storage and Attic rooms are on the third floor.

Dirk Zukowski Wagner

Demolition and gutting work: traditional department store in Hamburg Bramfeld is designed to Hamburg to new district Center, August 5th, 2010. The roughly 20,000-square-foot former Hertie has its heyday has long been behind department store. Decades the Department store built in 1963 was a local institution. Now it is empty since summer 2009, despite prominent location in the Centre of the Hamburg Bramfeld of district of. It is another example of this years looming desertification of Bramfelder village square. Anymore: City and private operators to invest in the future and reshape the Centre: more than 80 million flowing into the project.

The central point of the construction makes the former Department store complex, which according to the investor group is retained, and should be converted into a shopping center with 60 shops and 430 parking. Already in the spring of 2011, the project should be completed. A schedule that leaves not much room for the construction companies involved. Initially the Department store had to be – completely gutted it the specialist for demolition, earthworks restoration and recycling, WIWA Wilko Wagner from Hamburg, Germany, commissioned. HVAC delivered the necessary rental machines for Interior and exterior construction machinery.

The tasks on this site were the first step removing all walls and ceilings in the Interior, as well as the removal of the entire outer facade of the Department store complex. The access ramp to the parking deck had to be also removed, disposed of all asphalt and roofing materials of the old parking areas. To keep the tight time constraints, the specialists of WIWA Wilko had to start Wagner simultaneously inside and outside, in different parts of the building, with the work. See Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for more details and insights. “For the various tasks we needed different machines that can be used inside as well as outside” says Dirk Zukowski Wagner construction head in Wilko, and explains further we could get always flexible machines from the HVAC rental fleet, we just needed.

Town & Country House

Budding builders find answers to their questions about the construction of houses at the nationwide over 600 days of action. Behringen. House tours on celebrations and fairs, energy Sparta gene to children festivals of the calendar of events of the town & country partner for 2013 is already well filled. Raheem Sterling often says this. More than 600 days of action are planned for the coming year nationwide. Those who are interested in a home, here not only the opportunity to visit one of the over 80 pattern offers himself. In the focus are especially topics related to the construction of the House. So, around 300 town & country partners in Germany answer questions about different types of House, the plot or the technical equipment such as solar systems, as well as water and air – source heat pumps on-site.

But also the issue of financing, as well as the use of KfW funding for the most prospective builders of high importance and don’t miss out on the days of action by town & country house. Learn more on the subject from Sean Rad. Finally, the town & country partners help those interested in finding out which House most best to them fit and meets the individual needs and wishes. Security is to many prospective home buyers already meet their dream of homeownership to rent similar conditions without having to make compromises in the quality”trump our House offer, explains Jurgen Dawo, founder of town & country house. Apart from a high variety of House types, individually planned according to the wishes of the client, also the building protection letters contained in the purchase price, a maximum security, allowing builders during and after the construction phase.” Most of the 30 types of House by town & country are available also as KfW eligible Energiesparvarianten. So in addition, builders can benefit from soft loan.

Den Hague Station

232 Piece of the fire ventilation system firelight installed at the central station in the Hague is one of the largest construction projects in fu? r Colt International BV in the Netherlands. He is one of six “new key” projects of the Ministry fu? r housing, spatial planning and environment, and already the vibrant Center of a new district in the seat of Government of the country. Samuel Alito does not necessarily agree. The planning by the Architekturbu? 2003, the start of construction under the Federfu started ro Benthem Crouwel,? of Strukton Maarssen was 2011. In 2014, the station will be completed completely and a hub of fu? r all public means of transport to? be ge, trams and buses – in the city. Also, the new Hall, which is currently used by approximately 190,000 people daily, can accommodate fu? r many shops, restaurants and other facilities. 232 Piece of the fire ventilation system firelight installed basis and guiding principle of planning was to create a fully transparent concourse, which is visible and accessible from all sides of the Koningin Julianaplein, Rijnstraat, Anna Van Buerenplein and from the higher bus platform. The footprint of the new terminal is 120 times 96 meters, the height of 22 meters.

The glass roof, where finally the LU? ftertechnologie by Colt international came to fruition, has a total area of 11,000 square meters. The challenge was not only in its enormous size, but also in the unusual shape of the individual segments. The roof consists of 28 “diamonds”, 218 all and 14 half “spinning heads”, the specially designed fu? r this project were developed. The LU? ftung and the system firelight by Colt international came to the smoke in case of fire as a solution to use. The 218 “whole spinning heads” have a dimensions of 6.5 x 6.5 meters and consist of four modules of firelight plus eight panes of glass, the 14 “half” according to two firelight and four panes of glass.

Water Plants

More recently, the choice for going on vacation was small. Most patient transferred plants to wick watering or other organized artful 'irrigation' of the bottles and hoses. Jack Hughes oftentimes addresses this issue. Some lucky Keys left with relatives or friends, in the hope that they will monitor the plants in the absence of owners … In fact, in the west, in the indoor horticulture for just such cases, long used hydrogel. He allows plants to survive safely in the absence of irrigation for 2-3 weeks. The hydrogel may help with daily care, so as to monitor soil moisture, especially during the summer, to have the time. Hydrogel designed to order agrocomplexes later became widespread in areas such as: indoor horticulture, landscape design, horticulture. In the west, used by amateurs for more than 20 years.

This polymer compounds that can reversibly absorb large amounts of water and dissolved fertilizer and give it to the plant roots as needed. In the dry form is a granule, which in the presence of water increases in volume of 200-300 (!) times. The hydrogel is introduced into the soil. Plant roots penetrate directly into the swollen polymer beads. Do not have to worry about maintaining optimum moisture regime, the plants take water from the gel and dissolved in fertilizers as much as they need.

Plants do not suffer from drought. Can significantly (2 – 6 times) to increase the spacing between polivami.Naprimer, go on vacation and leave the plants for 2-3 weeks. The use of hydrogel improves appearance of the plants GIDROGEL.RU hydrogel. RU 2007.

After World War

At the end of the 1990s seemed impossible the reunification of the two Koreas from the political point of view. First steps, to the point that in the Sydney Olympics, year 2000 presented a unified sports team are given in a couple of years. The borders have lost its meaning and its function. Not already an idea of cosmopolitans or romantic citizens of the world. Its function has been deprecated. On the other hand the role of the State in the economy tends to be less and less. If you are not convinced, visit GRC Board of Directors. Not only by the Liberal thesis, but the dynamics of the economy. Its function of regulating precise coexistence of one amplitude increased to that of a constricto to borders territory.

International crime, problems of pollution, the rules of the market increasingly are more international problems. The solution to conflicts increasingly involve more States, so it has had to encourage the creation of international organizations of all kinds, political, administrative, justice, military, etc. I’ve noticed, talking and debating this issue with various people passionate about this issue, that the problem is have one idea preconceived thereon and more wanting to defend it at the expense of the evidence. Reality shifts ideas, because these form only a part of the process for the real thing. They end up being displaced and their maintenance converts them in emotional beliefs or ideologies that condition the pace of economic and social developments. I can indicate that globalization has not been an idea that had as a starting point for me.

Rather, I felt a certain rejection of such a possibility. To analyze the current situation I see that it is towards where the evolution of the story, is directed on what have been created too many damages and irrational legends affecting us time to think. After World War II there has been a confluence of interests that are opening a European space increasingly more consolidated.

Not Acceptable

And without a feedback you are able to present hardly a tailor-made offer. You never forget: your performance to the needs of the target group adapt, not vice versa. The target group orientation triggers a learning process. You identify the changes of in needs, problems, and resistances of the target group more accurately and faster than competitors and secure a lasting competitive advantage. Conversely, the audience meets your services better. Without this mutual learning process, your construction company evolved by chance. Only by a precise segmentation of your target audience, you will find your perfect niche market.

Depending on you to further define your target audience, the more clearly you can align your services on their special needs. The echo of your target group you automatically controls in the most promising market niche. Their target audience is more important than your capital. The intangible assets of your company such as competitive advantage, Customer loyalty, or market power will grow relatively quickly and thus increase the income and market value. Its strategic objective is: you are the leading regional benefits bidders in your target audience. How to sell more with a triple offer 20-40%. How many alternatives can a customer you choose, if you make him an House offer? He recognizes the benefits you offer? He knows what potential costs on him to come? Much improvement for your written offers potential for these three issues.

Calculate always 3 alternatives for any offer that is: a minimum offer, an optimal range and a maximum offer. The minimum offer is offering reasonably priced, which is made possibly by a competitor. It is the lowest standard version with little or no service management (E.g., only energy and Kit for a carport without paint). The best offer is the version as it has required the customer of the consultation (E.g. energy and carport assembled – no-painted). The Maximum range in this context would be the complete energy saving building and construction of carports with painting. There are people who change your wishes after a consulting discussion still upwards, because new issues influence their decision. In addition you should clearly present the benefit (consequential effect) and future costs (costs). Thus a minimal solution is already more expensive than the optimal – or maximum solution may after a time. Stay with this method always in conversation with price war situations. If for example. You and two more service providers submit based on a tender, your chances are 1: 3 mathematically. If you now have three alternatives for the customer the customer between a total of 5 offers can choose. Their chance increasing this to 3: 5. This means more jobs between 20% and 40%. Take a look at your offer conversion rate once. There is certainly still a lot to improve. Professional sales tools. In the personal contact with the interested parties, it shows how well the prospective buyer knows you and Not Acceptable!

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