KurenieKurenie Airports

On the other hand, is an important point, if you do not sit in an aisle seat. PosadkGlotanie and yawning can help get rid of pressure and discomfort in the ears. You can try to do this: Open your mouth and move lower jaw right and left, while exhaling. Another way – "blow" through the nose, holding it between two fingers. Then nose and open mouth. On some routes are served sweets just before planting to facilitate swallowing and to get rid of the pressure. I realized that I do not need, but take them, nonetheless. If you have a stuffy nose after a cold or something like that, take a nasal spray in flight.

This will clear your nose for several minutes, so use it just before landing. After poletKogda aircraft enters the landing zone, often in a rush to grab the bags and parachutes. Do not need it. After landing in any case have to wait receipt of checked baggage. When you get luggage, just in case you know, you may say of the damage. Sometimes, several conveyor belts. At some airports the head lockers immediately removes bags with the conveyor belt if they are not claimed, and puts them somewhere on the floor. Most airports have a service for large or unusual baggage, such as bicycles or surfboards.

Damaged baggage likely be here. After a long flight you are tired and do not want to rush to find a place to relax. I like to travel without a specific plan and, typically, not book accommodation, but I always book a hotel on the first night or two after a long flight, so as not to run in search of the room at night, when tired and knocked circadian rhythm. Sometimes, especially on arrival late at night, best to stay at airport hotel. If you take the car out, better get her the next morning, after a rest in this bed. KurenieKurenie not permitted on almost all planes, in addition, there restrictions in many airports. Be prepared to do without smoking for the duration of travel. I am not a smoker, so I have no such problems, but if the prospect of giving up smoking for 36 hours you're concerned about, think maybe it's worth break the journey into smaller pieces. It is worth noting that in some airports (especially in the U.S.) are not permitted to smoke in the waiting room and leave him banned.

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