High Availability Solution

Due to popular demand, ADIVA computer technology GmbH, together with Fujitsu held a further workshop on the high availability solution ‘x10sure IS’ in Dusseldorf. Bad Homburg, 29 June 2010. A seminar on the topic “x10sure high-availability solution for real and virtualized Windows platforms:” takes place in July. Numerous questions on this topic and a desire for comprehensive training events causing ADIVA Fujitsu, to call another event on this subject in life. X10sure IS – low-cost high availability Fujitsu x10sure integrated storage (x10sure IS”) is the cost-effective solution for ensuring high availability for real and virtualized Windows platforms. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Coen Brothers. x10sure IS provides economic protection against server and software error together with the proven PRIMERGY Server systems and is ideally suited to small businesses as well as larger organizations with branches or sales that are running a Windows Server.

The continuous replicate of all Changes of system and application data from the productive system to the replacement system is based on two identically built PRIMERGY servers. If the production system fails, the replacement system will automatically pop up and continues the operation of the physical server or virtual machines. x10sure IS required no external storage system, no SAN or even no expensive Enterprise licenses. Savings can be achieved with the use of x10sure IS by more than 30% for investments and by up to 50% of operating costs. The experts of Fujitsu and ADIVA show workshops with partner authorization at the workshop, the x10sure explain IS what benefits the solution provides, “-sales strategy, bring successful usage examples and present the success factors in the sale.” The participants will experience deploying x10sure IS in the context of a live demo locally.

“As evidence for successful participation in the workshop, our partners receive the certificate of”License2sell”, the they as professionals for the new Fujitsu product x10sure IS” stands out. Date and agenda date: Thursday, July 21 venue: Fujitsu technology solutions GmbH, Gladbecker Strasse 7, 40472 Dusseldorf, Tel. 0211/6178-0 agenda: 09:30 coffee and registration 10:00 welcome, sales strategy (Fujitsu) 10:15 overview, positioning, benefits, examples (Fujitsu) 11:15 coffee break 11:30 Microsoft Server 2008 – hypervisor 12:15 o’clock x10sure live demo (Fujitsu) 12:45 lunch 13:30 marketing & sales (Fujitsu) 14:00 ADIVA as reseller interface (ADIVA) 14 h 15 discussion board.

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