When Is It The Right Time To Find The Life Partner?

What should you do if the time is not so good? Is the period of uncertainty in the labour market and economic systems of entire Nations right to find a spouse? Surprisingly (or perhaps not) we find the answer to this question in the book of Genesis. God has a blessing given to each creation: God saw that it was good “.” So the creation is finished, complete and the creator is met. And man is the only creature that is not the immediate blessing! Only after a woman is made, that God gives his blessing! Now what does that mean? Very simply: the man is not complete without a woman! Just hard time and difficulties show that. No one supports us better than our Lady. How we call our Lady as our second half? To whom we turn for understanding and advice? So it is clear that it is not only recommended to look for a woman, no matter what the current state of the economy, but it is probably the time when for most people, it is the need! The crisis comes and goes, good Families are even closer to each other, if the time is not good. Do appreciate and love your family, if you already have them, but you are looking for and you strive to produce your own family, if you do not have it! A woman is like a lost treasure or a folder with maps and money, don’t you sit around and wait until someone finds it and brings you to go looking for him! Unfortunately Ukrainian people witnessed hate time many times: violent collectivisation and horrors of NKVD and GULAG, the second world war, the Holocaust followed world war, Communist revolution by a civil war (not everyone wanted to be communistic and atheist). I can go on, but the point is that people here were established in order to learn how to live through rough times, how to save warm relationship in a family, no matter how the conditions are! And this is another reason why Ukrainian ladies set so much value in their own families and the relationship they have with their husbands and children! Michael Mordinson. Matchmaking service with the Ukrainian women. .

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