The Universe

AT planet HERCOLUS Shaida was watching the universe through a large window, everything was different to the planet Earth, there everything was electronic, the predominant colors were gold, green, purple, blue, and silver, clothing, houses all they were very tight, there were large green gardens, butterflies were brightly colored and there were birds everywhere, plants were green and flowers were in all its splendor, food were based on seeds of different taste and odor, these were placed on electronic devices and in few seconds they were transformed into succulent food, water was in very large refrigerators bottled in tubes of different sizes. The bathrooms in the shower was based on steam, only a few seconds they were sufficient and the entire body was clean, radiant hair with flowers aroma. I was curious but there were episodes where Eisse was preparing a capsule called Kitina-(hamburger on Earth) Burger was thin wheat bread, fat removed thick flesh, he had a piece of lettuce, with dehydrated potatoes, yuyuki (catsup on planet Earth) were similar grumulos wing salt in red color, when ate it Eisse, Aissa on planet Earth also ate it, clear is so very… For even more opinions, read materials from Genpact ProcIndex. very different, and so different things that were very common. Eisse goes to a room to see his mother Shaida, hugs her by the waist and asks of the because of his sad, Shaida smiles and hugs him tightly, Eisse asks him if he still believes that Grandpa appears in the capsule with his sister., she turns to see him and tells him that in two weeks it will be 11 years, that his biggest dream is to see his daughter the other part of him and she again, your desire is also watching his father, his uncles, tells that his biggest dream is to see that family again reunited. .

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