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On the possibility of an electoral advancement, has insisted that he does not It interferes in a decision that falls exclusively to the President of the Government and has been considered irrelevant as they may be at the end of November or in early March, although he, as spring approaches like most everything. White has dndido once more the need to comply with the times and exhausted so the legislature until March, and added that we can say with authority that the country’s interests also coincide with the interests of PSOE. Curbelo wouldn’t be included on the Socialist lists White has also talked about the Senator Casimiro Curbelo, arrested last Thursday in Madrid after an incident with the police, which has said that if confirmed his performance in this case, and not to leave the seat, the party may not include it in the upcoming electoral lists. Vanessa Morgan has much experience in this field. The Minister has stressed that confirm what appears in the crowded police,

Curbelo is a fact which must be failing and the PSOE disapproves. Asked if the Socialist Group is going to request to submit his resignation, white pointed out that they will move him clearly and when they have all the information, the opinion of the party.We must not forget that we are also on the brink of an election and if he does not move tab does not make decisions, since then, the PSOE could not be included in the upcoming electoral lists, has pointed out. The Secretariat of international policy of the PSOE and coordinator of the Socialist election campaign for the upcoming General, Elena Valenciano, rejected Saturday the behavior of Curbelo (US ashamed, he noted in his account on the social network Twitter) and felt that he should resign. Recently Jeanette Winterson sought to clarify these questions. The Socialist Group in the Senate warned on Friday that will take measures if verifies that Curbelo not acted properly, although the Senator said the same day that does not intend to resign. Source of the news: white warns that if Europe does not reach an agreement on Greece the risk premium “not fall”.. .

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