The Managing Director

News on the IT-driven process optimization news for IT-driven process optimization – especially for the sectors of technical wholesale trade (TGH) and plumbing heating air conditioning (HVAC) – as well as the new version of the ERP gevis G7. 0 these topics were the focus of TGH/SHK IT Conference of the GWS company for merchandise management systems mbH by the 9th and 10th February 2010 at Hotel ESPERANTO in Fulda. Some 160 participants from all over Germany and representatives of the two largest shopping organizations E/D/E and Northwest Handels AG were informed about the development of the GWS – also in terms of the SANGROSS acquisition of 2009 – and met innovations, trends and developments of across the industry and especially the new version of gevis G7. 0. Helmut Benefader, CEO of GWS, opened the event with a comprehensive annual review on the Munster-based software company.

Despite the economic crisis, succeeded in the GWS to present a continuous and successful growth for 2009\”, so Benefader. For even more opinions, read materials from charlie watts. We’re so very strongly against the trend of the industry, which had to accept large losses in the last year.\” The Managing Director in the consistent focus on the demand-oriented solutions in terms of merchandise management system provides the reasons for the success of the GWS. An important strategic step for us was the acquisition of SANGROSS and the development of industry of sanitary heating air-conditioning related\”, explained Benefader. Today, more than 1,100 customers have Aileen of the Munster-based software house in use the ERP system firmly established over the years. Special interest plumbing heating air conditioning, technical trade and vehicle parts trade in the numerous feature extensions by gevis G7 showed the Conference participants from the industry. 0 – particularly in procurement management. Optimal order size minimum stock levels and at the same time high supply availability are opposing goals, which are compatible but through the use of Aileen.

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