The Chinese

Aristotle is worried about inefficacy and inefficiency of a Law, whose applicability can be compromised by the non-observance of the true yearnings of the society. Plato says that the Law must mold the Real, but for Aristotle the Real is that it must mold the Law. But this vision cannot be understood as an absence of strong ethical principles or the abstention to promote the Good? that Aristotle also understands as an aspiration of the human being capable to conciliate the individual interest and the communitarian one. For the opposite, it he considers a strict control on the passions, with the difference that it drift of them in such a way the virtues how much the vices, in contrast to its masters predecessors. 4.3 – THIRD Finally and so important DIMENSION how much the too much conceptualizations, meets it more third dimension of the ethical concept of a raised form in relation to the too much concepts, therefore in this point it is had reflection as the word key of a metatica, where the practical ethics will be verified with vehemence, the biotica, poetical, the aesthetic one, the dialectic etc. are said Here in a raised degree more of a ethics concept, therefore she is necessary to identify moral, religious, scientific, habitual and mainly philosophical values that will congregate questionings referring the current events of the relation man-ethics.

In China, they had created the square shaped watermelon. Which are the perigos Reals in modifying the biological nature of a fruit appreciated for all in the world? If you find that she has control on its relative decisions its life, what finds on the euthanasia? The abortion really is a crime? Questionings as these above, are in the truth, the starting point to initiate a society perfect joust and. A time that in the world today lacks a little more than philosophy to all we.

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