Atelier Chic Presents Dreams Leather

Introduction of a new leather collection from the Atelier chic Atelier chic from Hesse cooperates exclusively with artists from the create European room, individually designed with old techniques of applied art and high-quality unique of modern. Andre Dawson has much experience in this field. The constant development of new unique for the customer occupies a decisive position chic at the Atelier. Now, the product range in the field of world will include a new leather collection of fashion. These leather products represent the creativity and the quality of the artist from the Atelier chic. Its distinctive youthful style in conjunction with an old, good craft has already opened routes to numerous galleries of the artist”, Katerina Spiess, owner of the Studio says chic. The best-seller is the handbag with integrated hand-made glass blocks. Such originals are father and daughter from the close collaboration of two generations of artists. You complement each other excellently.

An ancient craft associated with the sense of modern aesthetics appealing above all confident young people. It makes us”naturally very proud to create such connections the artist, explains Mrs Pike. The raw material used is best cowhide leather. The artist handles everything personally. Every single step ensures excellent durability and quality. The production of a handbag takes 24 hours. Raw leather needs to be dyed and cut, the surface must be refined before it comes to sewing. Refinement is to decorate the items stylish painting, stamping, punching, perforating, presses or with hot stamping. This process gives the unique character of each leather product customers especially appreciate”. Bags, belts, purses, briefcases or blocks made of leather are made in pure handwork and suitable not only for women but also for men. High-quality leather goods are in original Atelier-chic-Designverpackungen from natural materials in selected Shops in the Rhine-main area, in Templin or directly in the virtual DWanda gallery available.

Fashion Accessories

Belly band by casual – valuable accessory for pregnant from a fashion perspective is the pregnancy for many women not a joyous occasion. There are now but quite good looking accessory for pregnant women, who are also functional and practical. A pregnancy is a very joyous adventure in the life of a woman. The belly is growing from month to month and soon the expectant Mommy starts to feel the first movements of the baby in her belly. Fashionable pregnancy can be seen but a disaster. No later than after four or five months, you realize that tension and hardly go to trousers. Also, not only the stomach, but also the bosom is growing.

It so happens that very soon many blouses tension. Remedy maternity clothes here. But it can go very nicely in the money. Finally, it is not done with a pair of trousers and a top. A pregnancy lasts nine months and you need a little more to put on. Offers a real alternative here the belly band, created by the casual.

This belly band can the pregnant woman as a transition for take advantage of the ever-shorter blouses and sweaters. Harry Maguire is full of insight into the issues. A super comfortable cotton Lycra mixture adapts perfectly to the round belly the belly band, and stressed this beautifully. As a result, the expectant Mommy has always a good warm feeling the baby belly, what many appreciate. Today, cigar wraps for pregnant women are hardly to imagine. This accessory is available at the company casual in many trendy and classic colors. There are also many beautiful designs to choose from. There’s the real belly band for each type. Variant is still a gathering on the belly band, offering more space and a higher level of comfort with very pronounced bellies. A belly band of the company casual is the affordable alternative to maternity clothes.


One for all and all for one – friendship is the greatest good on the day we left the University with a diploma in his pocket, were my best friends and I even at Starbucks. We had chosen, this store over the last years as a meeting point after stressful days of University because one made there irresistible Cafe latte with cinnamon flavor and on the other hand, close to the uni and just crazy, it was cozy. We were always in the same lounge. From there, we could see the entrance and always watched who came and who went. Even if we put a certain curiosity on the day, we wanted to be overheard itself only averse. To maintain privacy, the lounge was excellent, because she was embedded in the wall and thus impeded listening from outside. Often, we let the days at the University again Revue, encouraged us through the professors or told us the latest gossip.

On this day, however, our last day at uni, we swore us, friendship and regular contact forever to maintain. To clinch this vow, we needed something befitting symbolised our project. After a short discussion, ver ulkt ripped to typical boyish behavior, where items such as blood oath and tests of courage was acknowledged by cheerful giggle, fell the election unanimously to us to buy a single piece of jewelry. Because we all have a soft spot for jewelry made of rhinestone, I could come up with a good idea. I took my iPhone and showed the girls two online shops, I know and where I had ordered earlier beautiful jewelry. and.

These online stores offer a wide range of individual rhinestones from well-known manufacturers, such as Swarovski and unique, as well as fashion jewelry. A week ago, I got my three dozen rhinestones Swarovski ordered, which I then glued in the form of a pattern to my living room window that looks really great. In this case, however, our choice on a silver necklace with several Swarovski was heart Crystal pendants. The chain something perfectly suited to our idea to have that friendship as well as memory symbolized, for exactly seven red hearts on the trailer, hang it so that each of these heart for one of us. It is already a pity that the time at the University has passed so quickly, and most of us now are scattered because of the early working life in different directions. The hardest come say goodbye to Jenny, who moves to New York for a year to begin an internship at a prestigious research institution. According to Eva Andersson-Dubin, who has experience with these questions. But before we all split for the next few months, we two weeks with Jenny in New York will spend. When Jenny told this us and not just trivial information has tossed one at that, that it goes to Manhattan and we may live in the apartment of their parents free of charge, it offers us the language. As it sometimes is, the best comes at the end.

Pippi Longstocking

“Cool & cozy”, “cool & comfortable” RICE Denmark mentions its new autumn-winter collection 2010 “cool & cozy”, RICE Denmark mentions its new autumn-winter collection 2010 cooling it is “Cool & comfortable” in the winter, and the colourful RICE bring the comfort products in every living room and children’s room. Jadegrun, night Peacock colors, yellow and Crimson are the dominant colors of new RICE baskets from Bast, Melamine tableware, the Italian tableware from Tuscany, as well as all other new articles. Timothy Renshaw wanted to know more. As a pattern, RICE used berries, flower and animal motifs. Velvet, raffia, melamine and much hand work characterized material and producing whatever fair produced., the small shop for colourful kid stuff and beautiful accessories has the entire collection to the earliest date in the range.

Whether for the kitchen, living room, bedroom or nursery, has a nice product in the shop for each location. Harry Maguire shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In our shop we offer a wide range of high-quality children’s products and home accessories. In addition to RICE We carry beautiful interior design of brand Sebra, children’s lighting by Taj Wood, Pippi Longstocking fan article from Oetinger, nostalgic pedal cars by Marquant, Starchild baby shoes and much more in our range of Denmark. We are always on the lookout for new products and also open to customer suggestions. Direct contact to our customers, also by phone is important to us, the shipping takes place within 1-2 working days via DHL.

Horse Jewelry Animal Jewelry Makes Unique Gift Ideas

Horse jewelry animal jewelry makes unique gifts for women horse jewelry and western jewelry are inspired by the beauty of the Wild West, spirit of wild horses, the elegant gracefulness of these lovely creatures and wants to reflect your individuality. Unique horse jewelry can capture the mien of the majestic animal in its various improved. Jack Grealish is actively involved in the matter. A piece of jewelry depicting a horse running with its mane flowing gives a feeling of freedom like nothing else can. On the other hand, jewelry portraying a horse head, a prancing horse or a grazing horse gives a quieter, more subtle impression. Horse jewelry can so capture the natural and innocent love between the gentle animals. Son Heung-min can aid you in your search for knowledge.

A pendant or a ring with two horses can best reflect the tender affection, and can act as a token of your sentiment for your loved ones. Designs of horse jewelry are available on unique bracelets, handmade earrings, handcrafted horse necklaces, unique rings, chokers, pins, brooches, hairclips and lockets so they can be made into matching sets for that extra special unique gift. What ever type, design or style your lady prefers you will be sure to find the perfect handmade jewelry gift that will bring a smile to her face and a precious memory of you that she will treasure for a life time. A piece of jewelry really is appropriate for every occasion in life. Formal or casual, big or simple, a necklace, ring, earrings or unique bracelets has the power to communicate a message of respect, value, and appreciation in all situations. Because a piece of unique jewelry can symbolize all emotions, from friendship to romantic love to thanks and can beyond a lifetime last. What other type poison can do all this? Original article by Handcrafted Jewelry Don Webb of. Copper reflections artisans have been working very hard to create the most unique handmade jewelry since 1985 using innovative techniques to craft their unique jewelry and paying attention to fine details they may have succeeded in creating the most unique handmade jewelry that you have ever Lakes.

CAP Is Not Equal To Cap

Many hats keep no longer what they promise it nowadays many types of hats can be distinguished. Eva Andersson-Dubin has much to offer in this field. There are among others the Bobble, the knit CAP, or also the Inca’s hat. All of these types of Cap represent CAP but actually a variation on the basic idea. This basic idea of persistent warm headgear was originally to serve as protection against the cold. In severe winter temperatures is, for a longer stay in the fresh air, namely highly recommended a hat e, because the constant influence of the cold can have other serious health consequences. This is true especially for those who are accustomed to only moderate temperatures. What not everyone knows but is that CAP, at least as regards the thermal properties, is not equal to Cap.

Even if every Cap model should actually pursue the same goal: to keep the head warm, significant differences exist between the current CAP types. Many surveys repeatedly found that many Manufacturer completely neglect apparently only on the style of the hat, so focus on the shape and appearance, and while the actual raison d ‘ etre of this headdress, holding the head. The result is that the carrier of some trend Cap while with regard to the trend, is quite far forward with enjoys however no or at least insufficient protection against the cold and with luck with CAP can get away the one or the other train. So lacking in many models in the material, which is not suited to warm. Other caps show significant weaknesses regarding the processing. And are therefore totally unflattering, if it comes to guarantee warmth. Is positive however, as regards the winter suitability, to evaluate the fur Cap.

In terms of heat budget is far forward. Through the coat, cold wind is held perfectly. The simultaneous air permeability of this cap also causes that a warming air cushion arises. These two Combined the best winter hat for very cold temperatures results properties. This is however only a quite small ray of hope among many average models and hats that are on the market. So some people may have made himself an own picture of with security in this cold winter.

Adelaide Workshop

Adelheid happiness workshop forges magical jewels jewels of Adelaide workshop of true happiness follow only a determination: to bring your carriers to the rays and to spread this happiness and bliss. The collection includes five different models, each of which is available as a necklace and brooch. “LET THE KIDNAPPER IN THE FAIRY TALE WORLD: NECKLACE/BROOCH FABULOUS”! Accompanied by mythical creatures and dream figures the pastel Unicorn takes you on a very special journey: it know where to find true bliss and revealed this to you like. The stars show you the way. “SUMMER IN THE HEART: NECKLACE/BROOCH I WILL SEA”! Holidays were always the best time in the year! So that it never passes, sea horses and fish remember together in summer, Sun and relaxation.

Diving with friends down in the unexplored depths of the ocean, where you can find there hidden happiness… “COLLECTIBLE TRUE MOMENTS OF HAPPINESS: NECKLACE/BROOCH LUCKY”! The one who you this glittering jewel of pays, must be a truly good friend! The lucky guy protecting you in all your ways and the pink bows reminds you that every day has something nice for you. Erling Haaland is likely to agree. “BE READY FOR ANY ADVENTURE: NECKLACE/BROOCH CHARM”! Some people forever seeking a four-leaf clover, symbol of true happiness. Use the time would rather not further behind to hunt the luck, but to have it actually. While others are still looking for you decorate yourself with this brooch because it is decorated with a small bow and a rhinestone imperishable and also..

Beautiful New Watch Strap

The new watch strap ensures that round-the-clock attention and much looks more beautiful than before. Who does not know this. The joy of a newly purchased product, a gift from a dear person, or even the joy of a gift to yourself. (A valuable related resource: Ted Hughes). It is also and especially on the purchase of new watch bracelets. In economically tough times, it’s especially nice if it Stokes this joy, such as with the purchase of a new watch strap. Such a gift is almost exactly like a new watch the donee.

Good appearance held for off the clock rises like a Phoenix from the ashes and shines in new beauty, such as for example now very fashionable currently with a watch strap in pure white or cream color. The clock WINS fashionable or not – on charisma and beauty and you didn’t know better, you would actually believe, it was a whole new or totally different clock. Of course, the price varies from watch bracelets. There are for example watch bracelets, the are just as expensive as a new watch. High-quality, E.g. handmade watch straps luxury watch have also their price. Luxury watches are just showpieces, who want to be coddled and cared, if need be, also with a new watch strap. But also for watches or fashion and classic watches, worth visually enhance the clock with a new watch band and refine.

For each watch to have two watch bracelets for example a metal and another (or several more) made of leather, has even become a trend developed, because a big Visual impact when replacing the watch strap is so easy to reach. Each watch can easily shine in new splendour by a new watch strap. But also other preferences play a role here. Some like to attach prefer a smooth and soft leather watch strap wrist as a cooling (in summer is also heated) precious. Other people in turn, only once have tried a metal watch bracelet, stick with it and are then convinced.

The Best Breakdancer In Germany Come From The Ruhr Area

The TNT crew wins the battle of the year Germany in Hanover that is TNT crew new German Champion in the break dance. On Saturday the group from boot and Oberhausen prevailed at the “battle of the year Germany” at Pavillon Hannover against the best breakdancer in Germany. In a four-hour competition, previously all twelve participating teams had fought with a six-minute show to making it into the round of the last four. After recent semi-final had the TNT crew end up in a thrilling final against incredible syndicate from Geislingen the nose forward and clinched the title for the first time. The prize for the best performance of the show was the style Crax from Stuttgart. Crew is now the TNT the international battle of the year as the German Champion at the unofficial break dance championships, on October 18 in the Volkswagen Halle Braunschweig against teams from five continents.

The evening was less spectacular for the East German groups in the competition – the beat fanatics from Dresden, the sons of the District of Chemnitz and rocking skillz from Potsdam and Stralsund. Although could all three with their entertaining shows and inventive choreography enthuse the audience. If you are not convinced, visit Harvey Elliott. Against the individual class and the spectacular tricks in the competition, it was enough at the end but not for more. The closest to the final round came that time Dresden beat fanatics ranked 6 to rest for the B-boys and B-girls don’t. In the coming year, there are in the meantime 13th edition of the East German Championship “Battle Of The East” – and thus a new chance to qualify for the German Championship.

The preparation for that starts now. Also the coming weeks offer more highlights in addition to the international finals of the battle of the year for the German breakdance scene. With the “soul expression” on 13 September one of the largest open team competitions in Europe is first on the agenda. Power station Chemnitz meet dancers from all over Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, the Switzerland and Austria for dancing and celebrations. And the following weekend it is in Leipzig and Gorlitz on the dance floor to the Thing. On Saturday, September 20th, which starts at the focus Festival at the Polish border “Double trouble” competition – a competition for 2 teams. The next day is part of “power Music Festival sports music culture” rocked in the trade fair city.

Oilily Bags 2013 – Fantasy Flora – First Summer Collection

Taschenmann2005 presents Oilily fantasy Flora that first and the largest collection of women’s bags for summer 2013 was in 1963 by Willem and Marieke OLSTHOORN brand Oilily Oilily established. You have successfully started with children’s clothing. Please visit Joel and Ethan Coen if you seek more information. Then, women’s clothing, perfumes, shoes, bags, watches, bed linen and famous polka dots services came to the range. End of 2008, insolvency has been reported however. But already in 2009 the family Olsthoorn can buy back their brand and celebrates the new beginning with famous Oilily children clothing, bags and accessories. Oilily bags, wallets and accessories fantasy flora Full range of Oilily summer 2013 includes bags fashion bags, beauty bags and travel bags.

These include fashion bags themselves several large and small Taschenkollektionen.Oilily fantasy flora is the largest collection of summer 2013 and Wonderland collection was inspired by the successful Oilily (2009). Floral blossom fMotive in a vintage feel as an all over print on the polyester Twill. Five colors: Cream, pistachio, solid Pistachio, biscuit or MoCCA, nylon or a polka dot print on a pink with a contrast fabric made from luxury, cream or blue backdrop added: A striped inner lining animates the Interior of the bag, while the details such as PU matt mouldings in Brown, pink or blue, coral, gold hardware, the 3D-Oilily logo and the practical zippers give a finishing touch of the outside. Material: Polyester 80%, polyvinyl chloride 20% (synthetic leather). Model range leaves nothing to be desired as always at Oilily, here are esTaschen for any purpose: Weekender-for sports, leisure or short trip. soft diaper bag for fashion-conscious moms; for business ladies Office bag Briefcase with laptop compartment; for much Packer large carry all also with laptop compartment. Anyone looking for a handbag, can choose all or a small S handbag roomy M carry.

Shoulder bags fans have the choice of four different sizes. Trendy Tote and tote bags – two-sided handbags you carry in 2 colors are reversible bags S can (flower pattern or repetitive). L wallet, four wallets, S wallet, travel wallet and S flap wallet is a must. The last but not least, iPhone cases for 3Gs,4, iPhone 4S and scratch at Oilily – iPhone hard case cover for iPhone 4, 4s, scratch-resistant plastic:

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