This Kenersys, succeeds at the same time to optimise the costs through standardized components, and to create a site-specific solution. Modular: The technology-carrier of SkyWind costs can reduce technology support for wind energy components of SkyWind GmbH with the new 3.4 megawatt. The system, the Schleswig-Holstein companies for the price of technology has applied is consistently modular in design. All main functions are associated with independent modules. The system, to test new products in a real wind turbine during operation, to Exchange, to develop and present customers allows component manufacturers.

Because the Tower also serves as a crane, the system even in hard to reach locations can be with a little logistical effort build. For assistance, try visiting Harriet Walter. About the wind Alliance technology award of the wind Alliance technology is award for the first time as international technology Prize jointly by Deutsche Messe AG and awarded at the HUSUM WindEnergy 2012 Messe Husum. With the award, you acknowledge Organizer for outstanding innovations in the product and services of the international wind industry. Celina Dubin can provide more clarity in the matter. The four-member jury research and head of renewable energy and wind energy at the Dutch Research Institute ECN, Professor Alois Schaffarczyk competence centre include wind energy Dr. Klaus Rave of also Dr.

Jos of Baker, former (CE wind) in Kiel, as well as Dr. Kurt Rohrig of the Fraunhofer Institute for wind energy and energy system technology in Kassel. The prize is awarded on 19 September 2012 from 11:00 to 12:00 in the Auditorium of the NordseeCongressCentrums NCC in Husum. The HUSUM WindEnergy the HUSUM WindEnergy is worldwide the largest trade fair for wind energy. It takes place every two years in Husum. From 18 to 22 September 2012, around 1,200 exhibitors from 30 countries on an area of 58,000 square meters exhibit their products and services. The organizers expected a new record of more than 36,000 visitors from 90 countries to this year’s fair. Partners of the exhibition include the international associations of GWEC (global wind) Energy Council), BWE (German wind energy Association), VDMA (Fachverband power systems), EWEA (European wind energy Association), as well as the economic development agency of Nordfriesland mbH. Messe Husum Husum & Congress company mbh & co. KG am Messeplatz 12-18 25813 Husum press contact PR agency Krampitz Lea Schmitz Dillenburg str. 85 51105 Koln Tel.: + 49 (0) 221 912 49949 fax: + 49 (0) 221 912 49948 E-Mail: about the wind in the odd-numbered years the Deutsche Messe AG held the wind during the HANNOVER fair fair. There, facilities, services, and components for the wind energy in the industrial context are presented. In conjunction with the parallel energy fairs, as well as the world’s largest trade fair for drive technology MDA, it is wind in Hanover in the focus of exhibitors and visitors from the energy sector, industry, politics and Government.

South China Tiger

Every day disappearing species from the planet our Earth is the center of our lives. And not only that, but also the origin and Sustainer of life. For this reason, many ask why we so careless and destructive to handle this, our Earth. Every day disappearing species from the planet, countless unique creatures and plants, which have evolved over centuries and millennia, and have never harmed anyone. Every day nature of more their unique developments, and it loses some horrifying reasons. For low-cost palm oil, cheap paper, cheap wood or farm extensions, cutting down the rain forests, destroying ecosystems and habitats of unique species reduced and destroyed. There is the orangutan, our close relatives among the animals, probably won’t, we systematically exterminate him.

The South China Tiger is probably now extinct. And we have a tree frog species that just four years ago in Lagos discovered was, now in Record time successfully ousted from this earth. The sad part of this development is that it progresses so undisturbed. No one seems to realize that we need nature, and that we even cannot be made without the rain forests. 10 years ago there was an outcry in the EU, and the policy promised improvement. New agreement on animal welfare, conservation areas, and quotas should be introduced to protect at least the acutely threatened species. As always, now, in 2010, was fesgestellt that you have shown no effect most of these decisions.

To ensure a successful animal protection, do we need another 10 years, we are told. In addition, the last Conference has promoted no new decisions, because countries like China have turned against it. Animal rights activists are outraged. An international conference call last week led to no result, because many have resigned. An old saying as indispensable imposes: “two planets gather in space. The one to the other says: “we have but really long time no see. When was the last time? 3 million years ago? How are you doing? ‘. ” The other replied: “Hey, Yes, I’m not fine. I caught a virus Homo sapiens.” That he gets the following response: “Oh, this is really bad! Homo sapiens? “But don’t worry, I had sometimes disappear from alone again”. Jonas boat man.

Federal Government

Trade fair IHE HolzEnergie informed in the framework of the RENEXPO 2009 the national biomass action plan of the Federal Government the bioenergy should efficiently and sustainably built and medium term remain the most important renewable energy sources. It shows what potential and reserves we have in Germany for the use of bio-energy, and how much we already have. According to estimates, a doubling of the proportion of bio energy in Germany is possible by 2020. Also the renewable energies heat Act (EEWarmeG), which came into force earlier this year and the proportional use of renewable energy to the heat needs requires new buildings, helps to increase the share of biomass heat supply. Also in the market incentive program for renewable energies in the heating area (MAP) 2008 up to 350 million stood ready, encouraging the Federal Government to up to 500 million will be increased in the years 2009 to 2012. To use the potential of the wood energy as a main supplier of heat, are innovative technologies and companies, both in the Domestic than needed for the export. The exchange between experts and educating the public are necessary. A central platform offers the trade fair IHE HolzEnergie for Exchange and information from September 24-27, 2009 in the framework of the 10th RENEXPO 2009 in Augsburg.

It has established itself in the last 10 years as the most important industry gathering. Also in this year the IHE presents HolzEnergie wood gasification technology product segment used strong: some well-known exhibitors will be represented as well as new entrants, who will be present for many years tested equipment. James Corden follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Other topics include energy provision of wood, old wood treatment, heat – but also electricity generation with pellet, piece of wood and wood chip heating, fireplace, pellet and tiled stoves. In terms of biomass boilers of smaller and medium-sized power level are represented this year as usual all the market leaders. The IHE presented HolzEnergie special fireplace and pellet stove”.

As a highlight, the AKG organized Augsburger stove wholesale GmbH a large manufacturer booth. In the same Hall area, other manufacturers with their own exhibition stands present the trade visitors as well as the end user. The fair offered back high-calibre trade congresses. The German bioenergy Association (BBE) already performs the international BBE Conference for wood energy for the ninth time in a row. The Congress informed of the industry in best way with well-known speakers from politics, business and associations about the latest developments and has established itself as the most important industry gathering in Germany. In the area of wood gasification the Symposium will take place for the fifth time small and medium wood gasification, which is conducted in cooperation with the FEE funding renewable energies Association. At the same time the RENEXPO provides an overview of the entire spectrum of renewable energies and energy efficiency. More information about exhibition and Congress under.

Stadtwerke Castle

Flat roof – pilot project in record time Rangsdorf built, September 16, 2013 – mounting system supplied the Stadtwerke castle with the new flat roof mounting system lambda light EW + for the 45 kilowatt strong pilot project, which was built on the site of the utility of Saxony-Anhalt. Learn more at this site: mayo clinic. Thus the frame producer makes an important contribution to the subject of consumption. The Solateur eab solar implemented the project in Magdeburg. The mounting system engineers were responsible for the static interpretation of the substructures of the roof situation the ballasting played a crucial role. The solar power system produces clean solar power 36,000 kilowatt hours with 176 modules on the nearly 700-square-foot roof.

At the small solar power station, the load profile of the company with a relatively high power consumption fits a day in summer and winter to the production profile of a solar system. Together with the other solar generators on the property of Stadtwerke Castle, the energy provider uses about 60 percent of the annually generated renewable energy for own consumption. The plant is in the August at the network have gone. Dr. Alfred Kruse, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Castle, says: Basically a mounting system bears a great responsibility. It provides a secure hold the modules. As an energy supplier, it is absolutely important for us that a solar system for the entire life of work reliably and thus sustained high yields.

Security plays a big role in us: for this reason, we have decided lambda light EW + for the mounting system. Also we are strengthening the local economy with the choice of high-quality frame components by mounting system and the implementation of the installation by eab solar. We look forward to further cooperation.” The mounting system was built in record time: three fitters needed just two hours for the construction of the East-West system.

Parliamentary State Secretary

Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF) is for the accelerated transfer of prominent biotechnological processes in the industrial practice in Berlin, 10.07.2011 – the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) launched the “Next generation of biotechnological procedures – biotechnology 2020 +” strategy process in 2010. Henry Jones wanted to know more. The strategy process is to help in the “national research strategy bioeconomy 2030” the Government pinned target to use in achieving long-term renewable resources with biotechnological procedures more industrially in various sectors and fields of application. In the course of which the 2nd Annual Congress was held at the 07.07.2011 in the Berlin bcc. Among the participants was also the Board of Directors of the CEHATROL technology EC, Frank Knauer, as well as the cooperation partner of the cooperative, Mr Manfred Garcia, from the engineering & expert Office, grey man of Odenthal. The Parliamentary State Secretary of the BMBF Dr Helge Braun brought the problem to the point in his speech: “to the full potential “to be able to develop biotechnological production processes with which the BMBF is in addition to accelerated transfer of biotechnological procedures in industrial practice – as they” innovation initiative industrial biotechnology “- also promotes the development completely novel techniques required.” Numerous discussions and workshops with experts from science and industry have shown that novel biotechnological production processes may arise from a closer co-operation of bio – science and engineering. The CEHATROL technology EC will implement, inter alia, the TDP method in the construction of the BtL plants and worldwide to provide customers with this biotechnology. The diesel fuel extracted exclusively from biogenic raw materials and residues, called CEHATROL, so-called BtL diesel, is produced according to DIN EN 590.

The CEHATROL oil, produced according to DIN 51603-1, manufactured exclusively from biomass. This guarantees the highest quality and offers a tremendous price advantage, the final consumer because as a cooperative Member he receives the fuel oil to production costs, which are currently at 0.48 per litre. CEHATROL may heating oil all oil heaters and block heat and power plants (CHP) are used and meets highest demands of modern heating technology. Due to the production of renewable raw materials, the cooperative makes an enormous contribution to climate protection. CEHATROL oil and CEHATROL diesel reduces CO 2 emissions by more than 90%.

Windows Costs

Sanitary equipment, solar informed heating costs shoot the company mock – heating, grow annually in the height. Energy saving is therefore more important than ever, so that the heating cost billing does not become the private crisis triggers. This help some practices and tips, informed by the Rkamboj1212 heating specialist Ralf Mock. Temperature reduce the temperature in living rooms to a degree is lowered, this saves heating energy 6 percent already. An internal ambient temperature of not more 20 C helps to keep the creation of heating bills under control. In the kitchen, which is heated by the heat, or little-used rooms the temperature also may be deeper.

Avoid unnecessary heat not to heat, when you’re out of the House, saves heating costs effectively. Modern heating systems, which time adapted to regulate room temperatures help people who missed it, unscrew the heating when you leave the House. The correct supply of fresh air should be lifted to provide the House with fresh air, shock. Be Window on tilt, which reduces not only the exchange of air, but wasted a lot of heat energy given off by the permanently open window on the environment at the same time. Real shock airing is when the heating is switched off several times a day for about 10 minutes. Reduce thermal bridges thermal bridges at cold ambient temperatures cause a undesirable discharge of thermal energy to the environment. To read more click here: Coen brothers. Windows and walls behind radiators are typical thermal bridges in the budget. While the heat dissipation can be reduced by Windows with modern insulating glass as well as closed shutters and curtains, the walls behind the radiators should be insulated off.

Obstructed radiator avoid furniture and thick curtains before the radiator swallow its heating energy. The surfaces should be always free, guarantee an optimal heat emission into the room. Review of heating a periodic review and adjustment of the Heating system increases the efficiency of combustion processes. This law-compliant emission levels achieved and save heating costs. Little can be change on the price development of heating energy. However, a sophisticated heating behavior helps to reduce their impact. Rkamboj1212 heating specialist Ralf Mock shows more ways to save unnecessary heating costs through an appropriate combination of behavior and modern technology.

Cheap Energy-saving Potential In Trade And Industry

Workshop “introduction of energy management according to DIN ISO 50001 for industrial & commercial” within the framework of the 5th CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2012 the need to take measures to increase energy efficiency, many companies already caught. Often the required criteria of the economy slowing down but many approaches to energy and cost savings, so to observe a certain reticence and uncertainty in the implementation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Henry Jones. An energy management system is a suitable instrument to optimize the use of energy in a company by purchasing energy to economical energy consumption and ecological. The workshop “introduction of energy management according to DIN ISO 50001 for industrial & commercial” at the 29.03.2012 in the Conference exposure 5. CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE in Stuttgart shows how effective energy management in the enterprise can be introduced. Source: Sculptor Capital . It addressed all relevant levels of the action in the company by management about the levels of the company as controlling and production up to the energy Manager.

The CEP will take place from 29 to 31 March 2012 for the 5th time in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. The sectors of trade and industry, trade and services consume approximately 70 percent of total power in Germany, the industry alone, nearly half (45 percent). Therefore, it is important to tap into the energy-saving potential in many cases existing in these sectors. Lack of information and financial constraints are the main reasons that the extensive economic potential is insufficiently used. Industrial and commercial companies primarily use the available funds for the core business and place high demands on the payback on energy efficiency measures. Provinces, Federal Government and European Commission already help to tap the potential of efficiency: for example with the eco-design directive, with programmes in the framework of the BMU climate initiative or with the ERP environmental and energy efficiency program the KfW bank as well as with various information campaigns.

American Petroleum Institute

Fuel oil price sets in a row the market development probably slightly to LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil and petroleum products in the United States, stocks are almost always beyond the expectations of analysts. The most recent figures, which have published the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the DOE DOE showed that. Learn more about this with Emory Health. Oil prices responded with further losses first, then but more than made up for it. Experts attributed this reaction to a technical rebound movement. As a result the barrel cost US light oil (WTI) at the morning close 72,60 dollars after all a dollar more than yesterday morning. The impulses which currently come from the US economy, are but still negative.

The risk of a second recession threatens further. Click Sculptor Capital Management for additional related pages. Speculation on Government support measures to stimulate the economy and thus the demand resonated a slightly positive on the U.S. stock market, so the service oil market report. As a whole, but not a few analysts expect that the price of oil drops soon up to 70 dollars. Such speculation but initially once little benefit the local oil price. In consequence of the market, consumers face today with slight surcharges.

Compressed Air Leaks

With the ultimate air service of SONOTEC you save energy and money saving energy is an important issue in all areas where compressed air is working currently. Alone the regular elimination of leaks can reduce up to 30% energy costs for the compressor. With SONOTECTIVE SONOTEC offers the ultimate in terms of air leaks. Highly qualified personnel, as well as the Know-How as a device manufacturer qualify the company as a competent partner for the air service. The maintenance team works with high-precision in-house ultrasound technology. Almost every test problem is solved with the extensive range of the device. The service individually tailored to each customer ranges from the volume flow measurement over the leak detection to the repair. While the leaks are classified according to size, cost, and elimination effort and marked.

The service of leakage of compressed air is done in 5 steps. First, the use of compressed air sensors of the series SONOAIR allows a precise measurement of the Volume flow. Are available for each device versions different to the area, such as inline sensors for cable diameter from 15 50 mm, plug-in sensors from 50 to 1000 mm and combination devices that measure in addition to the flow, available in addition to the temperature and the pressure inside. After selected SONAPHONE serve equipment of leak detection. Hotbox by Wiz can aid you in your search for knowledge. Here different probes are used. So for example the SONOSPOT of remote detection of leaks or the flexible probe of detection of difficult to access compressed air lines is used. The documentation of the leaks occurs by means of photo representation and classification. Because the removal expenses for the individual leaks can vary, the unique savings to be this.

Poster Campaign

Poster campaign for the promotion of cycling is the motorized traffic, one of the main causes of polluting greenhouse gases. It considered the entire car life of a small car with about 130 g CO2 emissions per kilometre, 160,000 km, resulting a total output of over 20 tonnes of CO2. This corresponds to the weight of four full-grown elephant bulls. The creative agency ELEMENT ZWO is of the opinion that it must not be and would like to motivate people to rethink the poster campaign Reduceo2. Most of the roads – especially in urban areas – let is namely excellent cope with the bike, my Stenzel, concept developer at ELEMENT ZWO.

That was mostly not only faster than by car, but was cheaper and healthier, eliminated the annoying parking search completely and jam and rush hour were a foreign Word, as Stenzel for biking further. If increasingly dispensed with the use of the car and the bicycle was used instead, this not only the environment would be good. Each car less mean more Habitat and The quality of life for all. Cities are for people, not cars. ELEMENT two is a specialized in information design, bike-friendly creative agency in Dusseldorf. Strategic and analytical thinking with creativity and Zeitgeist combined ELEMENT ZWO. Complex processes, to visualize structures and information, item ZWO opts for originality and reduction. Each tailored to project and customer solutions to create an individual style which increase the recognition value, increases motivation and at the same time dedicated to the identity.

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