Makeup Trends

Metallic effects, powerful colours, pink cheeks, natural look, Smokey eyes, dark eyebrows – these are the new trends! In the autumn and winter months the Make-Up trends opening new paths. “Eyes on and looked out!”-this could be the new motto. Because courage is announced for the new trends! But also classic beauties will come to the course. Smokey eyes emphasizes the eyes intensely modern effects in black. Abstract designs make the eyes an absolute eye-catcher. Slightly blurred eyeshadow make sexy and glamorous look the eyes. Dark, mystical eyes provide a penetrating look! Manufacturer: BUNDY BUNDY collection: simply Red copyright: BUNDY BUNDY metallic Smokey eyes effects through gold and bronze tones more interesting. Dazzling gold and shades of Brown are in general the trend.

The warm and gentle shades make tired eyes shine. The light is reflected by the shimmering glow. Applied in the eye creates a fascinating play of light. Gentle lip colors in coordinated Autumn tones enhance the powerful effect even further. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: decadence copyright: mirror mirror powerful colors colors that stand in the eye – not for the faint of heart! Strong, striking colors such as turquoise, purple, or white are combined with eyeliner. The eyes are conspicuously used in scene. Here, the eye shadow shapes may deviate from the norm and extravagant are highlighted. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: decadence copyright: mirror mirror pink cheeks a natural-looking face is the be-all and end-all.

A light touch of Rouge on the cheeks will look rosy fresh and flawless complexion. It stressed eyelashes and perfect were shaped eyebrows of sophistication. The Eyeshadows are elected in gentle tones. The makeup to enhance only the impression of natural beauty, seem but not overloaded. Manufacturer: Apocalyps editions collection: all ages 2008 Copyright: Apocalyps editions natural look makeup is derived from the pink cheeks used to emphasize the sheer beauty. The refined look fresh and flawless skin. For the eyes a soft color palette is used. The face is a modern touch and given a romantic expression by gentle blush. Sculptor Capital Management is actively involved in the matter. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: change copyright: mirror the trend of artificial-looking line brewing withdraws mirror dark eyebrows, and the natural brows take its place. With a special pen, which is a shade darker than the natural color, these are drawn and stressed. Dark eyebrows are now chic! Manufacturer: Hair arena collection: Pridge copyright: Marina Sturm Pridge sources: * * A.Loeb Editorial make_up_herbst_winter_2008_2009.html

The Most Common Mistakes In Blackheads And Pimples

Blackheads, pimples and co. You know, can cause pimples not only on the face. , In the ear, the nose, under the arm or in the genital area, can be spread over the whole body pimple. The main causes for the emergence of pimples on the back and on other body parts are equal. Other causes such as tight-fitting clothing, wearing backpacks or permanent skin contact can pimples on the back and co. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sculptor Capital offers on the topic..

favor. Avoid the most common mistakes and weaknesses against blackheads for pimples on the back against blemished skin, acne vulgaris and co. to make. Mistake no. 1: squeeze pimple. Hands off! I know: the temptation is huge! But you run the risk of really, that increases the infection and just are all worsened? Do you want to risk ugly scars that express your blackheads and pimples at improper seriously? Follow certain rules so that not everything deteriorates, if however your blackheads and pimples by hand want to express. Mistake no.

2: the pimple scratch just means it: hands off! Dirt on the hands and fingers, if necessary under the fingernails can cause more infections and thus exacerbate. Each in the morning and in the evening you should be aware sporadic skin cleaning error no. 3: a regular cleaning of the skin. Not schludern here! A skin cleansing is a good basis for a beautiful skin in the morning and in the evening. Mistake no. 4: use incorrect toiletries in the bailout is almost every means against Comedo and pimples on the back taken – this is done in many cases frequently. The current skin type is very often disregarded when products are purchased. Possibly Yes blemished skin exists because grade wrong care products has been used or is. Error No. 5: the impatience to a sustainable pure skin it takes time. What is not from today for tomorrow. Not change your toiletries, your skin needs time to adjust it.

London Docklands

London has become current insights and information from London for decades as the metropolis of the hairstyle trends and therefore it is a must-attend event, the fashionable pilgrimage in the autumn in the town on the River Thames for every hairdresser by rank and name. The closer you get to the exhibition centre in the London Docklands, the share of creative, where the women’s and men’s hair Schopf means the world is higher. The hair colors are always colorful always inclined and avant-garde the haircuts and clothes of visitors, until the concentration of the hairdressers in the subway and roads reaches 100%. You know, now begins the annual Super meeting of the hairdressers”. Salons (primarily British) their latest creations and trends show on several live shows and seminars, and none of the shows has left a request open again this year. A leading source for info: Henry Jones. But what are the hairstyle trends of the coming year? Especially for women, the trend toward more femininity and styling continues ladies.

Retro is not an issue with the ladies at the moment, but a separate, free style of this time. No rigid dogma of the hair length, but the freedom to choose from short to long, the same also in the hair color. From blond to black, from red to violet, from gaudy and subtle. The combination of cut, color and styling is crucial. Styling, that’s the buzzword for long hair. Over the times when only stupid every hair up to the it’s not more has been smoothed.

Curls, waves and braided hairstyles in all variants are now announced. It is supported by layered and jagged cuts, which much movement, in the style of Deborah Harry (Blondie) into the hair. Also the popular Pagenkopfe of in recent years, have gotten a new look. Very straight hairstyles with slightly shorter, full ponies, various styling options and with very clear, concise colors, were a further highlight in London. And last but not least: the short hair cut is back! Naughty, fuzzy and so really wild and sexy styled. Also here with clear, more uniform hair colors, they are a real eye-catcher. Men’s Unlike the women, so there is the term retro here very well”. The late 1950s and early 1960s are meant here years. Short sides and high, wildly styled heads, called also fool, can remember Elvis and James Dean. “Now must (should) spend a little more time before the mirror, the Lords, because the great who asked after hair dryer, gel and spray, but a real rebel ‘ wants to be, where it must be already worth. The super short hair cut machine, which were very fast and easy to maintain, but unfortunately absolutely had no sex appeal or joke are an absolute no-no”. So guys, ran on the dryer and made with the spray! Hairdressing champion Gotschim

Estetica Cosmetics Studio

Cosmetic Studio Maria under a new name reopened since this summer there in Berlin Kreuzberg a cosmetic Studio, which was under a different name known already for a long time the inhabitants: the beauty salon, Estetica by Maria Nguema MBA, offered sophisticated cosmetics and nail care by 2012 in the cosmetics and nail Studio Maria Friesen Street in Kreuzberg. The new beauty salon, Estetica is now in larger rooms in the Wilhelmstrasse 20, bordering the District of Kreuzberg, Berlin Mitte. Customers who appreciate the high quality and careful treatment of Maria, reach the underground line 6 via the stations of Hallesches Tor or street, or take the bus M41 until Willi Brandt House station or hitch-hiking station. In your beauty salon offers Maria facials, peels, fruit acid treatments, cleansing facials when impure and oily skin as well as manicure and pedicure and hair removal for facial area, Bikinzone and legs on. WNS Global Services may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Mary’s beauty salon is from Monday to Friday from 9: 00 to 18:00 Open on Saturday until 15:00. Contact: Maria Nguema MBA Kosmetikstudio Estetica Wilhelmstr. 20, 10963 Berlin T 11 89 39 14 29 Kosmetikstudio Estetica in Kreuzberg cosmetics, manicure, pedicure, hair removal by an experienced and meticulous Esthetician. Known for many years in Kreuzberg.. Hear from experts in the field like VMWare for a more varied view.

What Are Nail Polishes?

Nail polishes are cosmetic products and are subject to the regulation of cosmetics. Nail polishes are cosmetic products and are subject to the regulation of cosmetics. A good paint to have rapidly drying, gloss, well stick, wear-resistant, elastic, spreadable, resistant against water and SOAP, and be compatible with the skin a whole series of requirements a small bottle Nail Polish! Main components are according to INCI butyl acetate and ethyl Ecetate as a solvent, nitro cellulose in the form of Collodiumbaumwolle serves as film formers and serve as important raw material for the Spreadability, ricinus of communis, Champor serve as plasticizers. Cosmetic dyes are substances to the application which are approved exclusively for life funds, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products by Jafra cosmetics. 1838, the nail polish of our time has its origins in the discovery of nitrocellulose, a byproduct of a highly explosive explosive.

1916 came the first transparent nail polish on the market. Only in the 1920s and 30s color pigments were added to the nail polishes. Together with Charles Revlon on the idea of color on the nail to bring this was 1932 came the birth of the cosmetics company Revlon”his chemist. The opacity of the paint was already good, only the durability was not the wishful thinking. Therefore many recipes had to be modified to allow the current offer. Now it is almost a matter of course, nail polishes to cover not only well, but include also nutrients to the care of the nail. Volatile solvents escape solvent through constant opening and closing of bottles.

This leads to an Andickung by the loss of substance. The same process occurs if the fingernail is painted. It evaporate the solvent in the free space. Through this process, the drying process is used. This is true: the volatile solvents, as the paint dries faster. The paint is thick once, he can be made again spreadable with a few drops of Nail Polish thinner. A varnish should only 2-3 times be diluted. Acetone or nail polish remover are not suitable for the dilution of thickened varnishes. Color pigments settle if the nail is not been used for a longer period of time. Therefore the nail polish shake or warm between your hands and roll. The metal mix beads of Jafra in the bottle evenly distribute the content. Nail Polish three years durable is unopened. Right to paint before you painted, respects that the nails are clean, dry and free from grease. You put next to the desired color paint, also Polish, Groove filler, excess varnish correction pen, nail lackentferner and quick dryer at your fingertips. First a base coat is applied. Gavin Baker understands that this is vital information. He ensures greater durability, facilitates a uniform application of the colour coating and at the same time protects the nail discoloration through the color pigments contained in the paint. Professional painting technique, thin the paint only with a few strokes of the brush is applied. Putting the brush in the middle of the fingernail and quickly pulls it to the top before. Then paint the sides of the nail. Depending on the opacity of the color paint, which is dependent on the color pigments, you can apply a second layer of nail polish. Concludes with an excess paint, which ensures durability and shine. The nail polish is applied too thick, hits the nail polish bubbles, not through harden and looks unsightly and score.

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