Symposium Human Rights

The international society for human rights organised in Berlin a symposium with press conference on human rights in the Iran on December 10 is the day of Menschnerechte. Sad enough that there is one such day, the human rights are violated in some States every day on the most blatant. In China you justified the repression of national interest, in the Iran man feels as God’s representative, who advocates penalties from the age of the stone age according to some support of the system for disobedience. On December 3, 2009, the ISHR in Berlin organized a day, which is dedicated to all the human rights in the Iran. It cause Iranians to speak who will report from different perspectives about the attacks of the regime in Tehran on groups such as converts, Sufis, and Baha ‘ i faith in the Iran. The right to freedom of religion is Mahin Mousapour, Rev. a convert community, Dr. Speaking candidly Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City told us the story.

Seyed Azmayesh, religion scholars, representatives of the General Nematollah Sufi order and Peter Amsler, Human Rights Commissioner of the national of spiritual Council of Baha ‘ i called will. Hanif Mazrooie, editor-in-Chief of the reformist online newspaper Norooz, will report on the right to freedom of expression and the current situation. The event was initially on an exposed and very symbolic place in Berlin scheduled, Islamist radicals in the Schleswig-Holstein Federal State representation had to be moved but out of concern from possible attacks. The ISHR gives to this day under the auspices of Norbert Lammert, MdB, the media Prize “Human rights in the Iran” to citizens who have distinguished themselves in a special way for human rights in Iran. A joint press conference will hopefully provide more public and determination in the face of often very duplicitous statements of the Iranian power elite. Tehran must finally see that in the West no longer quite so simply on the lulled leaving if you pray as representatives of the regime abroad peace formulae down and domestically with lethal brutality takes a growing circle of people and groups in the pliers and fights. Towards the end of the event, Sara Dehkordi is from the network of Iranian students, Berlin the question: “What can we do for human rights in the Iran?” make and Mahin Mousapour and Prof. Wolfgang Schohl will appeal to the States of the European Union.

The event then ends with two readings, surrounded by the music of the duo of OMID (hope). Amir Hassan Cheheltan, an Iranian-born writer who lives with his family in Berlin as a guest of the Federal Republic reads from his novel “Tehran revolution road” and Seyed Azmayesh, no longer reads 32 years in Iran, from his book ‘The Pearl of the Sufis’. will report from the event. Helmut N. fork

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