Stadtwerke Castle

Flat roof – pilot project in record time Rangsdorf built, September 16, 2013 – mounting system supplied the Stadtwerke castle with the new flat roof mounting system lambda light EW + for the 45 kilowatt strong pilot project, which was built on the site of the utility of Saxony-Anhalt. Learn more at this site: mayo clinic. Thus the frame producer makes an important contribution to the subject of consumption. The Solateur eab solar implemented the project in Magdeburg. The mounting system engineers were responsible for the static interpretation of the substructures of the roof situation the ballasting played a crucial role. The solar power system produces clean solar power 36,000 kilowatt hours with 176 modules on the nearly 700-square-foot roof.

At the small solar power station, the load profile of the company with a relatively high power consumption fits a day in summer and winter to the production profile of a solar system. Together with the other solar generators on the property of Stadtwerke Castle, the energy provider uses about 60 percent of the annually generated renewable energy for own consumption. The plant is in the August at the network have gone. Dr. Alfred Kruse, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Castle, says: Basically a mounting system bears a great responsibility. It provides a secure hold the modules. As an energy supplier, it is absolutely important for us that a solar system for the entire life of work reliably and thus sustained high yields.

Security plays a big role in us: for this reason, we have decided lambda light EW + for the mounting system. Also we are strengthening the local economy with the choice of high-quality frame components by mounting system and the implementation of the installation by eab solar. We look forward to further cooperation.” The mounting system was built in record time: three fitters needed just two hours for the construction of the East-West system.

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