South China Tiger

Every day disappearing species from the planet our Earth is the center of our lives. And not only that, but also the origin and Sustainer of life. For this reason, many ask why we so careless and destructive to handle this, our Earth. Every day disappearing species from the planet, countless unique creatures and plants, which have evolved over centuries and millennia, and have never harmed anyone. Every day nature of more their unique developments, and it loses some horrifying reasons. For low-cost palm oil, cheap paper, cheap wood or farm extensions, cutting down the rain forests, destroying ecosystems and habitats of unique species reduced and destroyed. There is the orangutan, our close relatives among the animals, probably won’t, we systematically exterminate him.

The South China Tiger is probably now extinct. And we have a tree frog species that just four years ago in Lagos discovered was, now in Record time successfully ousted from this earth. The sad part of this development is that it progresses so undisturbed. No one seems to realize that we need nature, and that we even cannot be made without the rain forests. 10 years ago there was an outcry in the EU, and the policy promised improvement. New agreement on animal welfare, conservation areas, and quotas should be introduced to protect at least the acutely threatened species. As always, now, in 2010, was fesgestellt that you have shown no effect most of these decisions.

To ensure a successful animal protection, do we need another 10 years, we are told. In addition, the last Conference has promoted no new decisions, because countries like China have turned against it. Animal rights activists are outraged. An international conference call last week led to no result, because many have resigned. An old saying as indispensable imposes: “two planets gather in space. The one to the other says: “we have but really long time no see. When was the last time? 3 million years ago? How are you doing? ‘. ” The other replied: “Hey, Yes, I’m not fine. I caught a virus Homo sapiens.” That he gets the following response: “Oh, this is really bad! Homo sapiens? “But don’t worry, I had sometimes disappear from alone again”. Jonas boat man.

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