Smokey Robinson On Barbados

In January, which attracts ‘ Barbados Jazz Festival’ from 11th to 17th January 2010, music lovers with concerts in plantation houses and rum factories on the Caribbean island of Barbados is the Barbados Jazz Festival. For all jazz lovers the Festival already represents a very special musical treat consecutive to the 17th. The concerts have something for every musical taste with the best local and international artists from jazz, soul, rhythm and blues. Among other greats as Smokey contact Robinson, Robin Thicke, and Kenneth baby face”Edmonds on. You may find that Jeff Clarke can contribute to your knowledge. One of the oldest plantation houses of the island is just one of the unusual concert venues the Sunbury Plantation House. Superstar Smokey Robinson will occur at the Garfield Sorbas complex and play in the Heritage Park of the rum factory artists against the historical backdrop of old manufacturing facilities. Also in the luxurious the crane resort & residences in St. Philip and the 275-metre Farley Hill, concerts are on the program.

This year there is a Facebook group for the first time, even friends to inform of the Festival and to give them the opportunity, to interact with each other. There is also an official Festival streaming online radio program named BJF radio, which offers the possibility now, already in January to accept a current jazz, Latin jazz and R & B rhythms on the event. Cards for the Barbados Jazz Festival there from approximately 20 euros per person. More information and bookings under. Barbados on the Internet at. Images and further press information about Barbados under. Information for consumers: Barbados tourism authority phone: 089 / 23 66 21 70 E-Mail:

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