Therefore, it is more convenient to put the asparagus separately from the beds, on are observed rotation. The most important condition – the soil should be light and fertile, acidic to nearly neutral. Asparagus does not like too wet, cold, dense, and acidic soils. In these cases you will have to make sand, antioxidants, organic. Francis Ford Coppola has similar goals. Another important point: the root system of plants is very powerful, if it vrastut goutweed, bluegrass, or sow thistle, it is impossible to get rid of them. GCI often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Consequently, the area under asparagus must be prepared carefully and landing clean.

Asparagus is grown mainly in seedlings, which are kept in nurseries within 1 – 2 years. Polish gardeners believe that annual plants succeed better after the landing. But from year-olds already You can select the male plants – they give a better yield than the female. 1. First, the seeds are soaked for 2 days in warm water, then germinated for 7-8 days in a damp cloth to naklevyvaniya. In open ground the seeds are sown in nurseries in the late May – early June, when the soil is well warmed up. Seeding depth of 3 cm in length 7×7 cm mulch – such as compost.

Care for seedlings – watering, hoeing, weeding. If poor growth seedlings fed ammonium nitrate (20 grams per square meter). 2. After emergence (after 3 – 4 weeks), the plants thinned out to a distance of 15 cm over the summer spend a few feedings. You can alternate with organic fertilizer (a solution of mullein, or bird litter).

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