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The interior completely is formed but not yet they have juice, as it is seen in the photo apparently seems a lemon. The water contribution is very important for the suitable development and uniforms of the orange. The color of the skin continues being green dark, this color still will last enough time. September we arrived at the goal the oranges and mandarins or are in the final straight line, this month will arrive at its almost definitive size, is pleasant to take a walk by the property and to contemplate like they have formed ramilletes, to observe the branches that or are bent by the weight of the fruits and that they will require that they are propped up with canes to avoid that they are broken. We are already impatient to see enter color orange although it will not arrive until the month of October, but us it can surprise some orange that has entered color due to being pricked by the fly, naturally this will fall of the tree before its maturation. In this month it begins to appear juice in the interior, if we abrimos one we can verify its extreme acidity and the intensity of its aroma. It is already possible to be guessed as oranges will be offered like table and as of juice by the developed size. We realise the pursuit of the navelina variety for oranges and clementine for mandarins.

They are the first varieties that mature and they will be possible to be offered for its consumption. You will ask yourself and since there are oranges in summer? I see it in the stores. Clear that there is oranges but are not of here, to the being a winter fruit they bring, them of where now it is winter like South Africa or South America in refrigerator chambers and boat. Nothing that to see with the fruit that we will be able to offer from half-full of October. Well-taken care of oranges and mandarins especially to use to the day to gather them, so that we marvel ourselves at its intense color and we pruned to enjoy when peeling them or when abrir them of all the shades of its aromas and flavors, of sweetness and natural flavor that the salary be bred in the Shore of the Xuquer by our expert hands contributes. In we have the best oranges of valence. It enters our store online and enjoys fresh oranges in 24 hours. Of the tree to your table, without happening through intermediaries. Exquisite truth?

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