School Professors

Director and Coordinator? to make possible next to other Institutions, compromissadas with the social cause and the education, courses of qualification to the professors, as well as, courses of motivation and interpersonal relation; characterizing these professionals well better to interact with the pupils, thus restraining any resqucio of evasion. 2. Parents and School? one another way to fix these pupils in the school, is abriz it final us of week, with activities monitored for the professors, to the parents of these children, with intention to transform the reality existing, where the education is neglected and placed in second plain, when these parents if see ahead of the quandary: education and work, therefore are when these families are with the second option, therefore they need the wage that the son will be able to receive to increase the familiar income. The school must be attractive to the eyes of these children, a place where it wants to be, but for that is necessary that if she not only makes a work of awareness with the professors and pupils, but also, with the parents of these pupils, therefore this is a way to rescue the value of the education as transforming agent of the reality of these pupils and its families. Hear other arguments on the topic with Genpact ProcIndex. 3. Professors? to enable the way professors to not only prepare them to the application of the contents demanded for the State Secretariat of Education, but also, of contents that contemplate the social reality of the pupils (social context of the family and community). 4. Pupils? to acquire knowledge that the phenomenon of the pertaining to school evasion has its beginning with that lack? not justified? sporadical that with passing of the time effective, decurrent of the lack of interest for the studies becomes and that, many times, come maquiada with justification of the necessity of the work? to increase the familiar income? is when this pupil does not return more to the classroom.

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