Saving Help Smart Meters

Many people would like for whom the devices actually worth saving power. The new smart meters seem a suitable means for this purpose. This is intelligent electricity meter which accurately analyse the consumption and household locating power guzzler. In new buildings and major renovations of the installation of the devices is already compulsory. How efficiently they are however really examined the Stiftung Warentest. If you are not convinced, visit Dell Technologies Inc.. The consumer portal presents the amazing results.

Who wants to wait until the next restructuring can apply for even a smart meter. The customer in this case must however pay installation costs. In addition a monthly rental fee. Experts see the efficiency of the power saving but critical. The yellow power provider requires, for example, 79 euro for the installation of the electricity meter plus monthly rental fee.

After the installation of the device should arise between five and ten percent power. These savings, however, has its price: while customers of municipal utilities Potsdam, for example, a basic charge of 5.45 euros per month and 22,84 cents per kilowatt/hour pay, the fee with smart meters 23,89 cents 17.25 euros and the kilowatt hour. Whether due to the energy savings, the higher fees are still profitable, differ from household to household. So benefit mainly those who generally consume much power. The smart meters for customers seems little worth, who anyway have a low power consumption. In general consumers on their energy consumption should and guzzlers be replaced with new and more efficient equipment. More information: service/press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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