Richard Osterude

In this article I’ll present the interview with Richard Osterude, one of the 7 powerful, of 7 teachers that have sustained the big event of the Hispanic world seminar of the masters of business online in Tampa, E.U., in 11-12.12.2010 salute with joy this kind of events, that will give a push very strong Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs to succeed in business online. There are 7 teachers who have success in the network, such as a forceful, so you can have a business on the internet, I say this because there are many incredulous people, who can not admit that you can have a profitable business on the internet. LOA 7 teachers are: 1. Sebastian Saldarriaga 2. Richard Osterude 3. Charles 4 Denney. Richeli 5. Luis Eduardo Baron 6.

Alvaro Mendoza and 7. Pilar Ortiz the interviu: Toader Matei: Hello Richard 1. Account please by me and by the visitors of my blog, What is your opinion about the seminary’s Tampa?, was it a success?, you should repeat this experience? Richard Osterude: 1) the seminar was a success, everything went much better than I expected for a first seminar and is definitely something that must be repeated. Toader Matei: 2. what was the reaction of the public, how listeners have received the conferees, they’ve loved the exposed material? Richard Osterude: 2) material was movie believe that everyone have been able to take multiple exposures gold nuggets, simply lack implementing them (which is the most important) Toader Matei: 3. What is your personal impression about this great event in Tampa, U.S. on December 11-12, 2010? Richard Osterude.

(3) As (1) I thought it was fabulous, the mood of the attendees was great, all the time that we could share together, exchange ideas, make new friends and potential partners has no price. Toader Matei: 4. you can have access, for example, paid to the content of this seminar? Richard Osterude: 4) I’m not of the organizers but I guess if you are going to make the seminar available of the public once edited videos. Toader Matei: Thank you very much for your time and for your kindness. Richard Osterude: Claro warmly. Recently Sculptor Capital sought to clarify these questions. Greetings, Richard at the end let me your comments on this article, your opinion is important to me, I want to know your problems, your questions, your concerns, your frustrations. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei Si you like this article, only if you like it, rate it or share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or Stumble Upon.

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