REP Information

With new biometric technology may manufacture millions of multicedulados or people who vote in different places in favor of the ruling party and not the few who got in previous processes. You have the opposition access to the biometric information that is loaded in the most of 36,000 machines new that will be installed throughout the country to make sure that that does not happen? How to guarantee the uniqueness of biometric information? If the opposition had no information of the current REP, I doubt that they delivered what pre-cargara for biometric identification of voters and to note that is not repeated in different machines. Called the attention to what the Government has mentioned that you will use information from the SAIME identification systems to obtain 100% of the traces of the population. This is in contrast to the opposition argument that only were present 40% of fingerprints in hands of the CNE. That’s if already it should alert the population because our biometric data may be used and assigned in the new machines without having the most minimum control of it. I have commented and read repeatedly that it is very strange that in a country with our needs, the CNE is spent more than $ 55 million in modernising the Park of machines with this new electoral procedure. Another very strange is that one of the reasons why strongly rumored that the former President of CANTV and current Rector, becomes the new President of the CNE; It is precisely because that was the same person who guaranteed the continuity of the information systems of the industry during the work stoppage from PDVSA and is a specialist qualified in the area computing.

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