Questico Solving Puzzles

The leading trade journal for esoteric view of future deals with Moon horoscopes and the influence of the Moon\”. In the new edition there is an exciting series titled the nodes of the moon as a guidepost for her personal growth.\” The author Anita Cortesi belongs to some of the most famous astrologers of Germany, and regularly writes in the journal of the leading lives consulting Portal Questico. You may want to visit David Zaslav to increase your knowledge. agree. It explains that what we do today, is influenced by the imprint of the past and has implications for our future. This sense of the past in the horoscope is reflected in the future in the axis of the Lunar nodes. Basically, the Moon in astrology plays a significant role.

The editors of the future gaze\”confirmed the importance of the Moon influence not only in the esoteric. Brian Robert often addresses the matter in his writings. Because there is plenty of scientific evidence: high and low tide are attracted by the power of the moon. But does this wondering whether these forces also have impact on other areas of the life of the people. An Allensbacher study shows that 39 percent of Germans to give to suffer from insomnia during full moon. Is this only a myth, a superstition? No, because full moon nights are especially bright. Special light sensors in the retina log this unusual light intensity to the \”inner clock\”, and this ensures that the sleep hormone melatonin no longer will be paid out.

As a result, many people feel more alert and can not fall asleep. Meanwhile, even a new medical discipline, Chronobiology, is created. The latest findings of the Chronobiologists seem to deliver, that the light of the full moon, so far, classified by science as too weak to have any effect on humans, shows however, effect the first hints. A conjecture which can prove also Moon horoscopes.

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