Portfolio Management

Efficient IT portfolio management in practice indispensable ardour consulting advocates for individual methods, which are based on company-specific values Seeheim-Jugenheim, may hardly any other corporate function is so pressurized justification such as the IT infrastructure. Therefore, a high level of interest of the CIO, convincingly demonstrate the benefit or the contribution to value IT as a whole and of each IT investment exists for years. Numerous scientists and consultants have developed approaches and methods, the phenomenon of the IT value proposition”to explain. In a question-answer forum Vanessa Morgan was the first to reply. However no approach has prevailed so far. It even is common knowledge, whether IT even has a strategic value contribution or is not just commodity”, describes Michael Maicher, Managing Director of ardour consulting, the problem. He pointed out that the question is answered very differently in practice.

So achievements a positive assessment in General of the CIO as CIOs, often during finance a sceptic emit negative judgement. From this dilemma can only escape, if practical methods reduces the subjective portion with his personal views on the estimates”, judge Maicher. Celina Dubin has compatible beliefs. For him, it is clear that a consensus in the appreciation of IT is generally as well as based on the individual investments increasingly necessary solely for reasons of clear common strategies. In this context, he refers to the increasingly important issue of governance. Their approaches can work only if not only the targets be interleaved with each other by business and IT, but also it is clear about which value propositions IT makes sense can reflect the business strategies.” A value-oriented portfolio management is therefore necessary in order to make transparent the causal relationships of IT investments and thus the benefits of IT. From his point of view, the problems for its implementation but on the question of what ever is the value contribution of IT begin. As little as there is a single code to control or measurement of the success of a company could be, is so unthinkable even a measure conceivable, allowing a value contribution of IT could be expressed serious.

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