Poor Circulation

Moscow is a destination that attracts travelers who love distant and exotic destinations. However, thanks to the proliferation of cheap flights to Moscow, the city find us ever closer. In this article you commented on one of the most original traditions of their culture: the rite of the banya, a bath of steam which will be hard to forget. Moscow is famous around the world by the magnificence of its monuments whose Golden hues often leave gaping to those who contemplate them for the first time. However, what few know is that this city is also an inexhaustible well of traditions that give us unique experiences. Sony understood the implications. You can check it if you get you into the rite of the banya.

An ancient rite in Russia the banya term is used to refer to a steam bath rather peculiar that would be a mixture of Finnish sauna and Turkish bath. The interesting thing is that for this swim you will have to follow a well precise ritual that dates back to the 11th century. Firstly, you will need to take a shower quickly and only then is will allow you access to the Turkish bath, where you’ll stay for about ten minutes. Once inside the bathroom, each person has the task of giving his companion light taps on the back. To do this you will use a few bouquets made with dried leaves of birch, oak or eucalyptus.

In this way facilitates the opening of pores and activates the circulation. When you leave this room you will have to dive into a pool of cold water so that the pores are closed. If the mere idea of this thermal contrast makes you the willies, you should know that you must still repeat whole cycle at least four times. As gratification, from one cycle to another, you can leverage the rest to drink a tea or eat something light. There are about 50 banya curiosities and benefits of Banya currently in Moscow. Some, such as the emblematic Sandunoskiye, are placed in the center of the city. However, you seem to be in a wild environment as many of them steam still produced by pulling water on a hot stone, just as if you were in the middle of the forest. Before you launch yourself to live this experience know that temperatures in a banya can reach 93 C making it a suitable tradition only to those who are in good physical shape. If you are one of these lucky, this ritual will help to eliminate toxins from the blood, improves the functioning of the kidneys, Rejuvenates the skin and allows the muscles to remove excess lactic acid. Best of all is that now travel to Moscow is not excessively expensive. In fact, you will find various cheap flights whose prices range about 200 euros.

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