a And are shaped then the ways and means together, to bind, in the case and join in all directions from a talk to a sexual relationship. a There are countless romantic relationships, there are several studies on the relationship, which has been some common shapes, such as: relations of dependence: Both members a A couple are to support, is a complement, to generate projects together, the problem a when this lies is a dependence becomes limiting to design individual actions, because everything is in relation to the couple. When one partner changes, grows, or want to move the other breaks down, loses confidence, becomes suspicious and obviously the relationship is tense, and filled with conflict a suffocating Relations: In this type a linking both to the members a A couple amoreterno and vow to make promises to stay together until the rest of his days, like most good, a un type adolescent relationship. The phrases a that are identified are: I can not live without you! You always make you happy. The found near a splendid experience in general is a stage, gradually a lovers are giving their a spaces and to each one to go to a your individuality. When the relationship is stifling both partners feel they can breathe, and their experience is of being trapped.

Besides that there are usually recurrent threats to himself let me kill myself! Abuse of course not left waiting. Relations a Admiration or Pedestal. Refers to links in which one partner is placed in a position of admiration, adulation, of adoracion.a loved Everything that makes is very well admired, he was not contradicted, is a small tyrant who manages the relationship at will.

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