Partial Sun Eclipse

Tuesday 4 of January in the morning will be darkest than it has been had in the winter. It is by reason that a partial Sun eclipse will occur if the time is permissible, will be partial because the Moon will not cover the totality of the star king. It will be contemplated in Spain, like in all Europe and the east of India. During the phenomenon the Sun will become a light small piece, will take place as of the 8,19 hours, to the dawn, will be when the Moon covers the star from the point of view of the Earth. Hear other arguments on the topic with De Niro. According to ” indicates Ricart astronomer Houses;the phase of maximum concealment, nontotal, will take place to the 8,58 hours and to 10,18 eclipse will finish horas” Houses explain that for being one hour ” so temprana” , those that are in the zone This of the country will be able to see the eclipse ” more claramente” that in the zone the West of the peninsula, since it is made by day later. Also it indicates that there will be no ” hardly difference of luz” , indeed because when agreeing with the exit of the star the clarity of the day she is not complete and the Sun” still he is very low in horizonte”. As the eclipse in the rest of the world In east England will be seen eclipse will be in its maximum point the dawn, a 75 percent of their diameter will be covered, gradually it will emerge throughout the following hour and 20 minutes.

Near the dawn in Paris and Berlin it will be the 80 covered percent. To the East the Sun will be a little arrives more in the sky when the eclipse reachs its maximum, reason why will be a 67 percent covered in Atenas.Tambin will be visible to North Africa and the west of Asia. Bond to comment that he will not be visible for the American continent. It remembers to use special glasses since the sun does not have to be seen directly.

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