Orange Blossom

April arrives the life At the end of March and April principles it seems that we return to live again, the days begin to be longer and warm and our senses, a little made drowsy during the winter time, begin abrir themselves to their surroundings. One of the best sensitive experiences than we can have is to approach us the plantations of naranjos and to enjoy the first aromas of Orange blossom, to inspire deeply and to fill of this with its aroma. May the flowers want serVisitadas by hundreds of bees and insects, attracted by the dulzura of its nectar, the orange blossom flower drops its withered petals to earth so that they take it to the collectors to the dryers and is used his essences in perfume shop and pharmacy, but observed at great length between the leaves of naranjo, will be able to see that they have been the fruits that have pleased and they have not been expelled from the tree, that like small Rep them green, hung hidden between the leaves protect of the abrupt variations of temperature hoping his fattening one. Its color is dark, green an intense one that accompanied the fruit until month of October. June dame sap that I want crecerEs during this month when naranjo needs abundant irrigation, so that it contributes to the fruit all the nutrients that previously have occurred him with the installment during the winter. The oranges begin has to grow quickly and day to day can be contemplated as they show between the leaves being confused by his green color. Where it seemed that there was little production, you pleasingly discover when being getting fat, that the cares are giving to good results Julio that or it feels calorSi to me we observed the plantations of oranges or mandarins during this month of July, we will realize that or get to be between the 40-45% of the size which they will have when they mature. . Details can be found by clicking Angela Lang or emailing the administrator.

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