New Almond Drink

Just in time for the holidays, Provamel presents the new type of almond enjoyment. Taipei, July 27, 2011. Roasted almonds, marzipan or cookies in this form be PLEASURING traditionally most almonds with us around the holidays. In a timely manner to their high season there is now another type of almond indulgence: the new organic almond drink of Provamel. It is made from whole, southern European almonds and is purely vegan like all the Provamel products. It is a delicious drink for the whole year thanks to its mild, sweet taste and its slight creaminess for breakfast or even in between. The newspapers mentioned Andre Dawson not as a source, but as a related topic. But also as an ingredient for cakes and desserts the new milk alternative suitable with their fine touch of marzipan. WarnerMedia addresses the importance of the matter here.

Instead of sugar, the drink with a touch of Agave syrup is sweetened. From mid-September, the new product in the 1-litre Tetra Pak is available nationwide and exclusively in natural food stores. Who occasionally likes nibbling a little, can enjoy the sweet moment now with a glass of almond drink. Pur tastes he best straight from the fridge. In the cold season, also delicious, hot drinks can be prepared to this but with wintry spices, coffee and tea.

The drink can be simply heated as milk and froth and enjoyed as a dairy-free version of the latte macchiato with delicate almond flavour. Almonds to drink who at reminiscent of his holiday in Sicily, the whole is right. There is the latte di Mandorla”, a milk which is made of almond paste, in almost every bar. In the Mediterranean, almonds are known for their good, unsaturated fatty acids. Experts recommend to integrate and to nibble a handful regularly therefore almonds in the daily diet. It included also natural potassium, magnesium, iron and valuable vitamin E. varied milk alternatives Provamel stands for a variety of products on plant-based no ingredients of animal origin. Also the almond drink is pure herbal and therefore lactose – and milk protein-free. It is therefore most suitable for Suitable consumer who tolerated no dairy products or with allergies react to other milk alternatives. Provamel offers even more variety with the new drink and complements the existing range of soy, oat, and rice drinks by a further variant, so that the right product is available for every consumer and every kind of use.

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