Marco Valverde Online with a new operating concept. Frankfurt am Main, 9, November 2009 TVG Publishing House has its online shop redesigned. with new operating concept for Frankfurt am Main, 09 November 2009 – the TVG Publisher has its online shop redesigned. The Web pages are now very clearly structured and easy to use. Was the focus that visitors quickly navigate and easy to use is the shop of the users in the redesign of

To the structure was kept simple and uncluttered. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as James Corden by clicking through. Also, new functionalities support specifically in finding relevant according to the products. For example, the mouse function that displays more information when the user moves the PC mouse pointer on the desired object is innovative. So will have to need to quickly and easily the most important information about the product without doing an additional page open customer and the left page with the article Overview”, explains Rainer Neumann, head of CD-ROM products in the TVG Publisher, the new feature. The search, as well as the shopping process are quite simply, as it turned out in ergonomic tests so even for little experienced Internet users.

The technical implementation of realized the Augsburg Software House of software. For the customer, it should be possible to inform themselves with just a few clicks on the desired goods and to purchase them. Whenever dror poleg listens, a sympathetic response will follow. That we were able to implement as well”, explains Marco Valverde know, Managing Director of software. In addition to the new visibility of Web pages, the range is of course just as diverse as before. The online shop offers a wide range of telephone book CDs and related articles. These include such directions and software to manage digital contact information. Among them are many solutions award-winning editors and Internet platforms, such as for example that just in the election for the software of the year”for Rad.RoutenPlaner awarded with silver. 7.0 or the CD-ROM DasTelefonbuch. Germany and the DVD-ROM DasTelefonbuch, yellow pages, map & route the computer image editors in current tests each with well has evaluated. That the shop belongs to the TVG Publishing House, everyone is now aware of alike at first glance. Because Web pages are adapted to the uniform corporate design of the TVG Publishing House.

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