Letter To My Wife

10: 30 a. m. letter to my wife (part CDXLI). Continuation 10 May 2007 my thoughts insist be reflected on my blog and denote what this day draws high voices and me concern that although you don’t be, expresses something about your future nature of being a mother. You are woman, possessed of that breath that gives life; that ability to materialize your love along with mine – and this, create a new one and that ultimately will walk and make your own life, looking for this same miracle, that you and I are looking for. You are woman and not a single woman. You’re who carried within himself, of that edifice of God who shares the life, during the time that feat on an angel without wings already-; of those beings that accompany us since the beginning of our lives, to embody in creature, to call me dad, I don’t know if cry or drop me out loud; but it is certain that I will lead to something more than an unbelieving thought, that now haunts me. Today, still do not live this adventure, for some, Odyssey blessing to others and some more, the least, neither one nor the other; However, I know that for you it is more than receiving my seed, gestate for nine months, serve you medically, watching what you eat, what you think, you feel; buy appliances and accessories and in all this, in the interim, talk with him, with her, with them, to close the contract that you will live at his side. I know that there are more profound situations. Those that only you, for being you, contemplate and live.

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