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Julian Frank ushers in with “I don’t know who you are” musical autumn the distinctive and sympathetic face of the song a Julian Frank ushers with his new single “I don’t know, you are who” a musical autumn. Harriet Walter may not feel the same. Fans and friends of his passionate and soulful songs are dance again at this catchy tune and sing along. For the current production was aware on the usual pop Latino style of predecessor “Sueno Contigo – I dream of you”, “Hasta Manana” or “mi corazon” omitted. Nevertheless, Julian Frank of this time stays true to his image: the romantic search for the eternal mirage of love. Sean Rad contributes greatly to this topic. CD debut album from 1998 was Julian Frank “Sense of madness” and has since the beginning of his career, because he fulfilled himself a childhood wish with the musical career. He worked on his great dream with commitment and love.

Music and singing lessons supported him here. On talent contests, he could already prove may be and several times on the coveted winner’s podium. He exchanged a Meanwhile the competition stage for numerous appearances before his loyal audience on the live stage. To stand on the stage, “not just fun to have and to do a good job” means for Julian Frank unless he enjoys even the moments in which “the audience close approaches to him”. And he succeed, he owes both his vocal qualities and his rousing stage repertoire. Julian Frank mixes his own hits skillfully with well-known evergreens and current successes of the German Schlager. In this context, his musical influences are among artists sizes such as Herbert Gronemeyer, Udo Jurgens, Peter Maffay and Frank Sinatra. Julian Frank was musically characterised, however, in recent years through his team of producer Werner students and Norbert Beyerl, which so far have written songs him, with which he feels. Also his current song “I don’t know, you are who” he was back on the two the body is written.

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