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The portable miniwarehouses in income are a convenient place to store vehicles of any kind. Keep your car, truck, van, truck golf, boat or motorcycle frees up space in your driveway or property. The miniwarehouses are an excellent solution to store vehicles for a long time. CBS will not settle for partial explanations. The smaller vehicles, such as jet skis and motorcycles can be stored within a typical minibodega. You can consider these questions before you sign a lease: what kind of miniwarehouses offer for storage of vehicles? What size of units or spaces are available? If there are available sockets / connections for recreational vehicles. If the climate control system is available.

What are the acceptable forms for the transport of your vehicle. Are the minibodega clean and tidy? What security features are available on the site? Most of the companies have some basic rules for the storage of vehicles: wheeled vehicles must be able to handle. Most of the vehicles must be registered and insured. Tires should be inflated. Be sure to visit the facilities of the company’s income of miniwarehouses to know with whom you are going to store your vehicle. If you do an Internet search to find a company of rent of miniwarehouses, just typing miniwarehouses rental or rental of warehouses in the city of Mexico. A list of companies dedicated to the bouquet you immediately appear.

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