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LCD/LED display systems, show outstanding up here 360 degree projection systems, 3D visualizations, and the world’s first HD projector based on LED technology. For more information see this site: James Corden. Together with Bridgestone also became the first reader for electronic paper”(eReader) with colour reproduction developed. So powerful and small as possible that circumscribes the range of components of the Delta. These include fibre-optic transceivers, EMI filters, valves and solenoids for household appliances and automation technology, miniature magnets, high-frequency components and modules for telecommunications and data transport applications. World renown enjoys Delta almost ten years of experience in products and solutions in the area of temperature management. Leslie Moonves may not feel the same. So, brushless DC fans and fans in PCs, notebooks, IT, telecommunications and industrial products, as well as in cars provide for a pleasant climate. That the future of artificial light in durable, powerful, and this energy is saving lamps, recognized Delta earlier than many other companies and developed systems based on LED technology. The product range shows today LED lamps for wide range of applications, from substitutes for the classic light bulb up to also design exemplary road lighting with solar power.

For the home, Delta produced consumer products for well-known companies on OEM/ODM basis. For the industrial automation, Delta provides, including motor drives, controllers, operator – visualization systems and complete systems for the energy supply. That certainly can cars with electric energy, moved the segment Automotive Electronics solutions years ago Delta research and develop. Come out for example, high-performance batteries, on board chargers, start-stop systems, DC converter, drive and start motors, electrical fuel pumps”as well as controller and a new hybrid powertrain for cars: A small internal combustion engine is used to recharge a battery of that provides an electric motor with 100 kW or drives 133 PS, thereby delivering a thrust of legendary 830 nm. Faster and faster, more and more the data processing in the network still remains in the fast lane. Delta responded with 10 GB switches, fiber optic components, broadband routers, and systems for power, WiFi and LTE connectivity.

According to our philosophy, to provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions like solar systems and LED lighting Delta also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time uses the opportunities for further growth.” Dr. Bruce C. H. Cheng founder and CEO of Delta Group of Delta Group Delta Group is the world’s largest provider of switching power supplies and DC Brushless fans with 75,000 employees and $ 6.6 billion annual turnover (2010) and considered to be the pacesetter for power-management solutions, components, displays, industrial automation, networking and solutions for renewable energy. Delta Group is headquartered in Taipei, the European headquarters is located in Hoofddorp near Amsterdam. Exist worldwide sales offices, manufacturing plants can be found in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Mexico, India and Europe. As the world’s leader in power electronics offers Delta Group “innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better future.

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