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The affiliate network Daisycon presented with the so-called ‘ unique coupon code an innovation in the field of discount codes. The affiliate network Daisycon presented with the so-called “unique coupon codes”, an innovation for the advertiser, which intensify the possibilities of the use of coupon codes? The unique voucher code is a special, dedicated code can be applied only by a Publisher single – of the selected advertiser. This, the advertiser can reach deliberately his audience about the his opinion most appropriate Publisher. Continue this innovation allows to use unique coupon code cross media, for example in print or at the flyer distribution, where the correct and unambiguous assignment of the conversion are maintained the publishers (and advertisers). With this innovative solution, Daisycon builds a bridge between the simultaneous use of online and offline marketing activities.

A way in the past by the Cooperation with, the first offline affiliate network has been chosen. Better make an important contribution to the objectives of marketing by advertisers visibility and control for advertisers who can correct use of voucher codes. With the help of the unique voucher codes, the advertiser has a better overview and control of the use of its advertising. Where necessary, can the distribution are strongly focused, unwanted copying”coupon codes with other publishers in the Internet to avoid. With this solution, Daisycon the advertisers offers a tool to carry out precision marketing. Shopping cart-pixels in addition to the unique voucher code launches Daisycon-also a new shopping cart-pixel.

This solution offers the advertiser the ability to assign a (potential) transaction to a particular Publisher, at the moment, in which sets of consumer products in the shopping cart. Within the shopping cart activity assigns the transaction of no longer other publishers, even if the customer leaves the site and at a later Time will return. Focus on advertisers by providing continuous innovative solutions continues to Daisycon its leading role within the performance-based marketing. So a large number of innovative solutions have been brought also last year network on the market through our international affiliate. The focus was primarily on the launch of tools and capabilities that effectively support Publisher. In 2014, however, the focus moves more on the development of tools and applications for advertisers, where the two above described solutions already represent an example of this. Learn more about the possibilities of affiliate marketing. About Daisycon Daisycon plays a leading role in the area of performance-based online marketing for 13 years. The company from the Netherlands Almere specializes in performance-based billing and is doing a precise measurement, the clicks, leads and sales, or a combination thereof will be accurately measured. A leading source for info: Ken Singleton. Daisycon offers an extensive selection of international quality publishers (International) advertisers within its affiliate network. Where is a strong focus on the markets of Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Daisycon is an interesting partner for global publishers and advertisers. But also starter can benefit from the experience of the affiliate network.

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