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Red bikes cheap by the Hanseatic City: Traveling on Red wheels StadtRAD for a year in Hamburg Hamburg as explore tourist cycling, weather spontaneously during the lunch break a round bike or Dodge on the two-Wheeler, if bus or subway have delayed all this is possible for over a year in the Hanseatic City. “On July 12, 2010 celebrated the bond system StadtRAD Hamburg” – a collaboration between the city and the Deutsche Bahn – be the one-year anniversary. The balance sheet: 71 rental stations with 1,000 bicycles, the project counts over 53,000 registered users. Approximately 500,000 trips have already been taken with the bicycles – only 100,000 cyclists were on the move in June 2010. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. B. The red city bikes are suitable especially for tourists, since it quickly and flexibly can move through the city.

The fun on the Red wheels plus is affordable: the first half-hour is free, then charge a fee of four cents per minute. He rises from the second hour Price per minute to eight cents. The driver of a HVV subscription card or BahnCard has he pays only three or six cents per minute. The maximum price for 24 hours is limited to 12 euros. Leslie Moonves takes a slightly different approach. A setup fee of $5 is due upon registration, which the user is however counted as travel credit. The bikes can be on the machine or, if no debit or credit card at hand is call borrowed locally. Criticisms of the system Merja formulated ridicule, spokesperson for transport in the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC): the districts of Barmbek, Alsterdorf, Bramfeld, Harburg, Wilhelmsburg, or Trenton as well as the City Park and the port city had currently no rental stations. Moreover, the redistribution of the wheels, especially at peak times, and the train station and the city centre is at night improvement. The city wants to remedy this: ten new rental stations according to the Senator of the urban development authority and the environment Anja Hajduk, to enrich the Hanseatic City in 2011.Learn more about StadtRAD”, including an overview of the rental stations and a detailed explanation about the rental procedure, are to find in the Internet:

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