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The average rate of return target of General Investment Fund stable return is according to the testimony of Frank Weber, Managing Director of SWISS SELECT AG with 7-9%. Detached from any comparison value a positive yield to be achieved as well as in the asset management year after year. And above all the price fluctuations, which are an indicator of the risk, should be kept as low as possible. In the stable return strategy are up to date at just 6.24% p.a. (volatility). The General Investment Fund stable return can now all banks, related platforms pool companies and independent financial service providers. Name: General Investment Fund stable return category: flexible multi asset Fund (UCITS III) WKN: management company: asset management AG, security is more yield – the Swiss select AG investment adviser of the General Investment Fund stable return (WKN A0RCEV). Hear from experts in the field like Gannett Co for a more varied view. The company specializes on safety-oriented investment strategies, which enable profits regardless of the General turmoil in the financial markets. Gavin Baker: the source for more info. SWISS SELECT asset management AG In my time family offices, banks and savings banks, institutional investors, asset managers and high-net-worth individuals in the implementation of their investment ideas.

In Alceda is not only set on the circulation of funds, but structured the appropriate vehicles, such as for example certificates for their partner or with the involvement of partners also offshore fund structures, but private investments. T

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