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What is there for Diagnostics for orthopaedic disorders? The Center for motion analysis in Frankfurt am Main is a part of area of orthopaedic practice Orthopaedcum Frankfurt. Medical treatment and diagnostic areas include orthopedic treadmill analysis, sports medicine performance diagnostics and differentiated diagnosis of back. The team of the treadmill analysis Frankfurt consists of Orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, sports scientists and athletes in the field of endurance sports. In our times of lack of medical care, it is difficult to get targeted Diagnostics in the area of Orthopedic diseases. Complaints to the joint apparatus are often the cause of a long lasting physical improper strain.

Due to unilateral / incorrect loading or deficits of anatomy there is permanently overload which earlier, later manifests itself in some people some people in pain. Predominantly sports-related muscular are among the classic biomechanical stress and Joint loads. On the one hand congenital variations, impact-induced changes in the anatomical structure include the anatomical deformities. The most common orthopedic deviations affect the knee joint with deviation in direction O/x legs, as well as deformities of the spine and resultant variations in the basin. Some facilities available are the conservative orthopedic treatment. Source: Coen brothers. Optimal treatment can only be guaranteed if the correct diagnosis was made.

Many orthopedists consider these people under static point of view, the only very vinous information about possible imbalances of the anatomy. The athletes / patient must be considered for targeted diagnosis always under load of the joint apparatus. Several options available are our Center for motion analysis. The classical analysis of the treadmill a link between walking and running and existing pain shows through Visual and dynamic measurements. Athletes use to prevent this way increasingly to pain in the musculoskeletal system. Already optimal footwear with individual deposit supply helps in many cases. Another area of activity is the diagnosis of the entire back muscles. 3D spine measurement deviation in direction Hyperlordosis, kyphosis and scoliosis are visible. A long, single-sided muscular stress of trunk muscle forces the body into an unnatural position and also caused problems in most cases. A measurement of the isometric maximum strength of the entire back muscles helps to initiate a proper strength training.

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