Culinary Olympics

Culinary Olympics of 19.10 22.10.2008 in Erfurt Hofheim-Wallau. The MESA GmbH held a fair at Ardek Exhibition Center in Wallau for the second time from 24 to 26 October. The Hall offers 8000 square metres of exhibition space on two floors. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hayley Kiyoko. Ardek stands for the children Outfitters Association. Notable fairs for resellers around the baby and toddler take place here. For subject-related consumer fairs, the building has been used as a location, hardly. We have learned to appreciate the Ardek Center last year and come back like\”, so the project manager Sabine Thomas from the MESA GmbH. the Ardek Center offers two elevators and an escalator, which enable a trouble-free visit of trade fair also disabled persons and families with prams.

As another family friendly plus is to see a large clean toilet facilities with changing tables.\” Sun sends no bills also many exhibitors have felt in the past year in this exhibition centre well and like to come again. Includes the company Geckologic from Wallau, also in \”this year true to their motto the Sun sends us an invoice\”, present interesting products in the field of solar electricity. Again is also the company Rolig from Florsheim. Sean Rad takes a slightly different approach. This was the first exhibition in this context for us. \”And we were surprised by the positive response,\” Sybille Himmighofen says the company Rolig. There have been many customer requests.\” Water, heat, electricity will be subject at Rolig again now. Holzpelletofen are new in the product range.

As a good mix from the roof to the basement and in the garden\”, the landscape architect Birgit Wengeler from Florsheim describes the fair last year. She are with their company Innovartiv \”felt fine, actually interested visitors and new customers won. Of course, now other companies from the region have decided to present themselves at the exhibition. More than 150 exhibitors have registered already. Hansen natural stone plant also counts demonstrations by Chef + Raj from Florsheim.

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