It does not particularly pay attention to the formulation and therapeutic properties of the pastes. On the one hand this is understandable, because any well-known brand guarantees a certain level of quality, confirmed by clinical studies. But on the other hand we are overpaying for fame, though not so much as a fan of brand image. The people who really care about their health and are interested in the composition of the advertised pastes, there are many questions to producers. It is unlikely that many of We have heard that the main modern cleaning agent is silicon dioxide (our mothers and grandmothers brushed their teeth at the chalk-based pastes). Robert A. Iger has plenty of information regarding this issue. Silicon dioxide is less than erases the tooth enamel, has controlled abrasive and Unlike the chalk does not interact with treatment additives and fluorine (the principal means of preventing tooth decay).

However, not all known and untwisted pastes are based on silicon dioxide, because the chalk – much cheaper components. In a number of famous pastas, as the abrasive used chalk, while the expense of advertising unwind these pastes are really original. Some of paste on the basis of the Cretaceous have a reputation for modern therapeutic toothpastes, the same can be said about the many pastas made in Bulgaria and most of the Indians. Buying these pastes do not understand the peculiarities of the composition, can harm tooth enamel, if you have it fine … In fairness, I note that you can destroy the enamel and the paste at the present abrasive – just having sensitive teeth, start using a whitening toothpaste or clean healthy teeth whitening toothpaste for 2-3 consecutive months …

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