Ten in Note that deleted once your email or your message, you’ve already lost definitively, the chance of a sale. To this is what you usually call sutiliza, tino or experience. Nor can we menosprecianos ourselves, nor show us before our readers as ignorant, it can be also equal or worse. (Similarly see: Martin Scorsese). A highly recommended technique to write a sales letter is, assume that he is written to a very close friendship, taking it as a referential profile targeting, this helps because it makes it easy to customize the message. In fact, trying to put into practice this aseveracvion, when I send my emails, my messages, reports or books, intuitively and without intending it I think of some of my friends students or alumni that I have seen in my database, and for a moment forget that I am addressing to a collective very large people; However it helps that my message has a friendly, personalized approach or as they say of you to you.

Thus, knowing that person that I intuitively think, lets me questioning me what message could persuade that friendship, student or former student so you read my messages or even try my products or services, how to handle their objections, complaints, beliefs, etc. to favor my promotion. For even more details, read what Tribune Media Company says on the issue. And there are few times that already have a profile of situations that you’ve already tried with that or those persons. egarding this issue. One of the interesting aspects of thinking that you write for a friendship, is the use of personalization. When you go to a friend to try to convince him, you could use terms like: look, I know you’ve seen many businesses or business proposals, but I can assure you that you have not seen everything, I want to show this. And so on, you can continue writing, as if you do it for a second person, although you know that you are reaching a large audience.

This technique has been used in Copywriting with great results. Remember, go to your reader, visitor or prospect trying to you (or you, if you prefer that use), a custom shape, even if your message is being sent to thousands of people.Admittedly, however the above, that many successful commercials were not formulated and sent this way. Some have been written differently, either using the first or third person. Even on occasions when it is written in the second person, the reference is not directly to that second person. For example, if your message said: as a car salesman, you can lean on the fact that I’ve sold more than 15,000 cars, dominating all the secrets of sales. Even if you use the second person to say you can support you’re saying to your reader I I sold 15,000 cars, I’ve mastered all the tricks of the sales. I.e., even if you use the second person, really you’re focusing you on yourself.

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