Contact System

At the moment one counts on a total of 62 users of Contact and 4 managers in center on watch who have access to the information of opportune way to permanently improve the activities of attention to the client. Third goal: The functionality of Trade of system CRM SalesLogix taking care of in direct form was implemented the needs of information of a total of 15 users of this functional area. Mayo clinic: the source for more info. The campaigns of relational trade are developed nowadays with the support of this information system. Fourth goal: The system of Intelligence of Businesses own of called SalesLogix VisualAnalyzer was implemented and the consultations required on the part of Argus were developed to have immediate information of the indicators of management of the main processes of interaction with the client and commercial management. At present the Visual system Analizer is used by the managemental level of the organization with a total of 21 users. The profits concerning the business are many, especially related to the improvement in the commercial productivity, increase in the satisfaction of the client, growth of the indices of loyalty to the mark, which has been translated in maintaining levels of growth in the sales maintained. We consider that Cements Argus have developed a strategy of Centralization in the effective Client, who has given concrete results (are not mentioned specific numbers due to confidentiality of this type of data). The technological base for the profit of these results has been system CRM SalesLogix and the commitment and permanent work of the professionals of Mind of Colombia. CRM is a trip and not a destiny, therefore Argus daily continues exploring new memorable forms of to generate experience with his clients and at any moment counts on the support of the work party of Mind of Colombia and on the security to have a solid base with SalesLogix like information system CRM.

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