The stages of the believer, the Finder and observer represent inferior, the best and superior and in the same vein represent conditions better or worse for the development of spiritual intelligence, which is articulating a new vision the world’s no-dualista meditation is staying in mindfulness, science says that you regret is a product of the brain, however, brain is actually a product of the mind e; the brain is created by the mind, or better said by consciousness, there is a relationship between the two. In the world of duality everything is changing, everything is impermanent, it is in a flow and constant change. Thoughts come and go, they arise and they dissipate, being however, remains. I true, being permanent, is the basis or context occurs where everything, where the idea of the external and internal. Being is not an object, is the true transpersonal subject that unifies known, what is known and the knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is through the eye of contemplation, an eye that is beyond thought, is a direct, liberating knowledge of illusions, the eye of contemplation is the eye of spiritual intelligence. The pleasure is suffering gold coated, why hedonism leads to a degradation of consciousness; more attachment to pleasure more suffering.

It is not escape from suffering, but to understand it. We suffer by ignorance, by keeping our true identity. The illuminated consciousness. Intelligence spiritual II spiritual awakening is the awakening of the consciousness, in this book Dr. Gallegos makes reference to the consciousness of is say, empirical consciousness related to an object that is as understood, speak of the consciousness itself is, of itself, consciousness of the original consciousness that does not depend on objectsThis enlightened consciousness is the substratum of all that exists, is the dispassionate observer who looks at everything with detachment, is our true nature hidden by clouds of conditioning. The spiritual awakening is the awakening of the enlightened consciousness; Consciousness, being and happiness are the same thing, are three names for the absolute, three aspects of a single perfection.

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