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Card payment provider was definitely no information about customer buying behavior to third in Ratingen, 14.09.2011. The easycash GmbH, Germany’s leading card payment provider, rejects info (“EC operators easycash wanted to sell personal data to debt collection companies and mail order”) a report of the radio station NDR. In this report, NDR info creates the impression that the easycash GmbH have passed to other companies to continue using data, providing a classification of customer buying behavior. This is definitely untrue. “Also the impression that further use could have taken place without the knowledge of the persons concerned, is wrong,” explains easycash CEO Christoph Pfeifer. “The companies that have received this data, were contractually required of easycash to inform each customer about the use of the data. It could be so no use of data without the knowledge of the respective customer.” The fact is that the easycash GmbH this business model as a pilot project in 2009, while fully respecting the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act has designed.

The pilot project was displayed correctly at the time the country’s Commissioner for data protection and freedom of information (LDI) in North Rhine-Westphalia. Demands of the LDI for this procedure were answered then the easycash GmbH. Since the pilot phase was not satisfactory, the marketing was already set in May 2010. “The pilot project has been finished one and a half years ago,” explains easycash CEO Christoph Pfeifer. It was so aware that this process was already completed in May of last year and we no longer operate this project NDR info. Nevertheless, NDR info claims this model is in, dropped during the searches by NDR info’ has been. Also this is definitely untrue.” Further information: easycash GmbH marketing/communications Nicole Ohagen Tel.

+ 49-2102/973-314 fax + 49-2102/973-226 E-Mail: grintsch communications GmbH & co. KG Arne Trapp Tel. 70 63-54 fax 70 63-50 E-Mail: Internet on easycash and easycash loyalty solutions easycash and easycash loyalty solutions are part of the international Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), the world’s leading provider of payment solutions. As a payment institution (“payment institution”) the easycash GmbH enables customers to participate in the electronic payments across Europe. At locations in Ratingen, Eschborn and Hamburg comprehensive with a total of 420 employees trade, gastronomy and financial industry payment services including many innovative value creation opportunities offer. easycash is Germany’s leading card payment provider and serves 92,000 dealers with 275,000 terminals. The settled payment transactions in Germany 2010 amounted to over 1 billion transactions. easycash loyalty solutions GmbH is the German market leader for card-based customer loyalty and gift voucher solutions, which are equipped also with payment and credit card functions. The Sister company of easycash GmbH maintains a variety of diverse programs and processed 2010 35 million payment and bonus transactions throughout Europe.

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