Central London

Catwalk shows in exceptional Losberger large tents focus of this year’s London fashion week for the upcoming autumn / winter collections were also impressive large tents from Losberger which completely dressed in black. All catwalk shows took place here. The fashion week is marathon for the upcoming autumn / winter collections in the hot phase. In the follow-up to the Stockholm and Berlin fashion week, London wowed end February 2010 fashion visitors and celebrities from all over the world with an innovative show. The Organizer directed the fashion week on the traditional art and culture area of Somerset House close to the River Thames and opposite the Waterloo Bridge. California hospital medical center pursues this goal as well. Also impressive Losberger tents that were entirely dressed in black were focus of this year’s show.

All catwalk shows took place here. The two exceptional large tents – roughly 50 feet long, complete with Black roof plan and black laminated glass panels, moved the attention already from the outside. Next to the catwalk area with bleachers inside the tent was a big foyer with sponsor lounges, VIP reception rooms and presentation area, lobby. About backing GmbH, the event tents from Losberger fulfill all desires. Big marquee or individually designed solutions to beating variety of forms for private events and closed corporate events. Our recipe for success: Consistent system thinking, innovative ideas, and the claim to offer always more and always better.

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