Cabbage Days

Traditional cabbage bread and quality improvement through ‘Water Vitalisation’ who Dithmarschen in the autumn thinking, think also of Dithmarschen best-known product: the cabbage. Over 2,800 hectares, Europe’s largest enclosed cabbage cultivation area, around 80 million cabbages are harvested. And therefore, Dithmarschen celebrates every year now for the 23rd time, the cabbage days (15 20.9.2009). This year the Dithmarsch tradition bakery takes Kalle-Baker”with classic cabbage bread baking in the 16.9. to the wide range of program part. With the two reigning Kohl Regents Sonja Wasmund (Sonja I.) and Urte Matthiessen (Urte I), as well as the Dithmarsch Parliament candidate of the FDP are Oliver Kumbartzky of the many as co-organiser of the Wattolumpiade at this time”and we are the action Dithmarschen” is known. In addition to the popular season articles cabbage bread, cabbage rolls, and Kohlbuddel with their high proportion of fresh cabbage there is another cabbage specialty, this year be unique may: the Dithmarschen cabbage cake, a hearty delicacy, which needs not to shy away from the comparison with the onion tart. The main ingredients of the rustic cabbage pie are fresh cabbage, ham, onions, bechamel sauce and of course a balanced spice and herb mixture.

Suitable as accompanying drinks to the hearty cabbage cake you can serve it cold as well as warm, beer or wine. What distinguishes Kalle’s cabbage baked goods from others, is the use of only fresh cabbage. In the traditional, artisanal manufacture own recipes will consciously finished baking mixes, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial yeast, flavourings, dyes and other E-numbers. Only the classic tools be used as yeast yeast and sourdough. In September also an ElisQuellWasserSystem installed, a form of water recovery, already used by over 250 bakeries in the Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and France. Normal tap water is through a certain technology and the use of various crystal chambers not only decalcified but almost finished, what will benefit the processing and also the taste. “Demonstrably reduces the usage of back means, increases the dough, improves the stability of the fermentation and the dough usually woolly” and delicious.

An investment so that gets the customer to taste. In the Kalle Baker realm, there are still more news: finally all back places in the style of the new corporate identity concept are uniformly remodeling since the end of August. The Interior of the branches, the clothing of the sales staff and the design of products, price tags and posters supporting this core statement of the company. As a customer, you can tell the difference: comfortable seating, warm colours, the original design of the enjoyable and last but not least the trained, attentive staff ensure a pleasant selling atmosphere where you like longer stays. Entertaining way the figures which are enjoyable like bread Yuna or cream-Susi, as well as special k products also in the new k comics the customers brought near, the fortnightly appear in the Dithmarscher Landeszeitung newspaper. From October is also a further, most indulgent combination available, the Kalle snack bag, which includes a hot drink of choice, a sandwich and a sweet particles and is intended for immediate consumption, as well as to take. “Dates: 16.9.2009, 10: 00: cabbage bread at Kalle Baker”; Guests: Kohl Regents Sonja I. and Urte I. and FDP Landtag candidate Oliver Kumbartzky.

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