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The boom of marketing on Facebook has taken over the minds of many people. The fast pace that manage social networks gives effect changes in the behaviors of users becoming consumers and changes in technology that can also be a challenge to employ best practices being specific and long-lasting. How to know if our campaign on Facebook is making presence in the public goal? In any online marketing investment, social networks determine how the brand should behave company, product or service that promotes, in order to arrive at a result of particular business starts with knowledge of some key aspects: 1. What characterizes the client and 2 conversation. His hypothesis on how use Facebook will help you achieve your business once these words have meaning for you, Facebook is presented as a marketing strategy online and on social networks.

What is the demographic situation on Facebook? Recently Ken Burbary important and recognized marketer focused on digital and technology in USA-, provided a report entitled demographics Facebook – statistics 2011. In this you can see the necessary information for the process of creation in the use of social networks. The query was performed to identify public where the potential users are. Facebook comes easily to new customers or stays with the same users? Facebook is revealed through the understanding of the preferences of the customers for the discovery of content consumption and distribution. These behaviors are present in Facebook pages through the profile wall, internal and external news that unite content and the taste of the contents. Be able to attract customers directly through Facebook indirectly or through the participation of other social networks have to do with the way in which your brand evolves in the social network. In many cases, Facebook is a step in the process that continues to attract the interest of customers many use as tools and strategies, blogs, website or other digital experiences.

It is important to have publications several times a week on Facebook? Participation in Facebook may start with some examples of success that have had different brands within the social networks. Their participation should be adjusted according to the needs of the medium to which it is addressed. Starting with the promotion of specific information about your product and publish a couple of times per week is recommended, stay focused to provide useful information. Ask questions to more easily promote your product and above all not lose patience is importance to provide the service to the client in social networks? If service to customer is part of its strategy, then makes little sense and importance to stress that in your profile. Customers expect to find and interact with search results. They need that the comments are functional and aided by the supplier. Monitoring of networks and participation should disclose the demand and at the same time companies should plan and forecast your answers and actions. His campaign and planning within this social network depends entirely on what you intend to achieve or accomplish. Does aim for your Facebook page? This is the main question that you should do before starting its use on that network. Tania Altamirano with Lee Odden original author and source of the article information.

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