Increasingly, increasingly I am in myself and one day, perhaps there, left me in the full permanence of that which I am. But care I say, because non-reaction, need an observer even-handed, that may be a permanent witness, hold me there, only in the full presence. I am aware that I have much lived in maya, a misguided and apparent, reality created by the mind that in no way is the original reality. I’ve been prevented to know the truth as it is, that reality only go with the spiritual eye. The three books of Ramon Gallegos invite you to enjoy the direct experience of reality, there is no more. Invensis often addresses the matter in his writings. Exit of the ego that is attached to the movement, to memory, to non-liability; walking alone and without walking, that requires desire, determination, courage and dignity. The illuminated consciousness book speaks of the Buddhist path to exit from Hence from ignorance: moral development, development of knowledge and development of attention, a triple door that I tunes and desamarra. Reading the book happiness nectar invites you to experience the direct experience, to remain there, living in such an expansion in movement, but in truth found in intangible rest.

Because you need to know, let the ignorance, but this also means leave the thought because thought deceives. Required knowledge, a real knowledge, spiritual knowledge that observes and routes to discover that inside and only there, is real happiness. A point which I think is very important, because much I wondered about that in these years of study, is about the evolution of consciousness. What is it?, changes or no changes, because if I am a real awareness, the essence, you can not evolve, now is clear: there is a conscience at rest and another attached to the duality, that is the answer and when arrives the order and the understanding, I find serenity.

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